When Shingo Drives A Mustang GT350R

When a Shingo gets Dingo in a Mustingo, It gets quite Crowdingo.

No Twingos included in this video.
Camaro is a possibility.

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Songs Used:
Hyper Crazy Night – Saetta Kid
Rage Your Dream but it’s a combo wombo remix
When The Rune Sparkles in September by Emydion (Outro)

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  1. I think this has to be my favorite video bc of all the Initial D references

  2. poor shingo doese it again but an expensive car

  3. How many people have no mustang in forza horizon


  4. Perfect plot
    Perfect editing
    Perfect choice of music

  5. Definitely not me in disguise! Hehehe…

  6. ugudebudegu 🙂 Yeah thats right

  7. Tbh, I feel like shingo would drive a foxbody, maybe

  8. more initial-d recreations please. that was awesome

  9. does not make sense the camarodwarfs the stang

  10. impossible, the mustang didnt roadkilled anyone

  11. this is one hell of a spin-off

  12. mustang drivers are still the same even when high skilled drivers try it

  13. This is better than the cantoneese version

  14. there is a silvia s13 in the forza

  15. R.I.P Shingo (Keiji Fujiwara)

  16. Press F to pay respects to Shingo's voice actor..

  17. laughing stock of all Mustangs?

    /electric version enters the chat/

  18. Yes you used the 90s intial d clips

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