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In this course you are going to build an educational game for kids from scratch, the name of this game is “Alphabet Board” A fun way to learn writing for your kids!

This course is the first in its kind, Its a complete process to build an Alphabet Board 2D game using Unity3D. Its from scratch with a clear step by step lessons without jumping. We are going to cover every thing related to the design and development for this game starting from the design in illustrator and photoshop then moving to development, configuration, tracing and testing of the game using Unity3D.

The Following features are supported in this game :

Support customization for other languages alphabet .
All features arranged on a single screen, no confusing navigation .
Large letter shapes for easy tracing .
Attractive sound effects .
Alphabet background music .
Smooth lines .
Supports PC, iOS and Android .
Custom Backgrounds .
Complete Scenes .

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  1. I am only interested really in process of tracing the finger over the characters in the correct step sequence, knowing the user has started in the right place and reached the next step before they are allowed to continue with the tracing of the character in the right order. Is there any tutorial just for this section?


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