UNITED 2026 North America World Cup | Stadiums and 16 Host Cities


It’s the third time a World Cup game will be played on Mexican soil; the United States will become the sixth country to host twice; Canada will become the fifth to host both men’s and women’s tournaments. The North American bid, known as the United 2026 bid, beat out Morocco, 134 to 65 votes.
The countdown is officially underway, with just over 2,900 days until the start of the 2026 World Cup, it’s never to early to start planning if you want to attend some of the matches. The tournament field is expanding to 48 teams, which means there will be 80 games in all, with 60 of them in the United States, while Mexico and Canada split the other 20.

The quarterfinals through the final will all be played in the United States, with Mexico and Canada having some group stage matches and possibly round of 16 games. The World Cup final is expected to take place at MetLife Stadium, according to the United 2026 bid, home of the New York Giants and New York Jets.

United States (10 to be selected)
Atlanta (Mercedes-Benz Stadium): Capacity: 71,000
Baltimore (M&T Bank Stadium): Capacity: 71,006
Boston (Gillette Stadium): Capacity: 65,878 (Expandable to 70,000)
Cincinnati (Paul Brown Stadium): Capacity: 65,515 (Expandable to 67,402)
Dallas (AT&T Stadium): Capacity: 80,000
Denver (Sports Authority Field at Mile High): Capacity: 76,125 (Expandable to 77,595)
Houston (NRG Stadium): Capacity: 71,795 (Expandable to 72,220)
Kansas City (Arrowhead Stadium): Capacity: 76,416
Los Angeles (Rose Bowl): Capacity: 92,000
Miami (Hard Rock Stadium): Capacity: 64,767 (Expandable to 67,518)
Nashville (Nissan Stadium): Capacity: 69,143 (Expandable to 75,000)
New York/New Jersey (MetLife Stadium): Capacity: 82,500 (Expandable to 87,157)
Orlando (Camping World Stadium): Capacity: 60,219 (Expandable to 65,000)
Philadelphia (Lincoln Financial Field): Capacity: 69,176 (Expandable to 69,328)
San Francisco (Levi’s Stadium): Capacity: 68,500 (Expandable to 75,000)
Seattle (CenturyLink Field): Capacity: 69,000 (Expandable to 72,000)
Washington, D.C. (FedExField): Capacity: 82,000

Mexico (3 venues)
Guadalajara (Estadio Akron): Capacity: 46,232 (Expandable to 48,071)
Mexico City (Estadio Azteca): Capacity: 87,523
Monterrey (Estadio BBVA Bancomer): Capacity: 53,500

Canada (3 venues)
Edmonton (Commonwealth Stadium): Capacity: 56,302
Montreal (Olympic Stadium): Capacity: 61,004 (Expandable to 73,000)
Toronto (BMO Field): Capacity: 30,000 (Expandable to 45,500)

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  1. Why is it with some of the US venues shown you barely showed the stadium. Like half of them you only showed out side of the stadium. And others you did really close in views of the stadiums and you could barely see it. Example would be Levi Stadium which you did dirty by showing a close up of the seats and that was it. No view of the outside or even the whole bowl. 👎

  2. Where are Sofi and Raider stadium? These two will be the most freaking awesome and beautiful stadiums of all time after they are completed.

  3. Mexico settling for mediocrity as always. They could have waited and fixed/build stadiums to host it ALONE but no, they just had to settle for leftovers. Only 3 stadiums in Mexico will be used. Estadio Azteca is in crappy conditions. Hidalgo is the birth state of Mexican football and Pachuca will host nothing. Estadio Cuauhtémoc will have nothing. Estadio Nemesio Diez will have nothing. I seriously hope that Mexico pulls out of this agreement to co-host.

  4. mendingo de rua ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ x estádios bem evoluídos da América do norte.😵 favelado pé nó chão

  5. Considering the location, stadium design, public security and the capacity, I guess these are the options for the Finals:
    1. Washington, D.C. (FedExField): Capacity: 82,000
    2. Mexico City (Estadio Azteca): Capacity: 87,523
    3. Montreal (Olympic Stadium): Capacity: 61,004 (Expandable to 73,000)
    4. Los Angeles (Rose Bowl): Capacity: 92,000
    5. New York/New Jersey (MetLife Stadium): Capacity: 82,500 (Expandable to 87,157)

  6. Si la mayor parte de los partidos se van a jugar en USA, la inauguración será en USA y la clausura también va ser ahí mejor que el mundial 2026 sea solo en USA. No queremos migajas de un mundial que en realidad debería de ser parejo (igual) en los tres países.

  7. its sad that we have to wait 6 years to have a summer world cup again 🙁 absolute disgrace having it in Qatar its gonna mess up everything if only the people at Fifa weren't greedy c*unts !!!

  8. The fucking Rose Bowl???? Why did LA bid for the Rose Bowl when SoFi had already broke ground??? Fifa needs to change it to SoFi. That’s the most expensive fucking stadium in the world and it’s Indoor-Outdoor. Let’s use it!

  9. shrtlink.ca/ladyclip971xxx

    ඉතින් ඩෙබී කීවේ තවමත් ශබ්ද නගා සැක සහිත ලෙස පෙනෙන බවයි ඔබ යෝජනා කරන්නේ කුමක්ද

  10. I am disappointed in this video where that they did not include any soccer-specific stadiums in the US. There are a lot of great teams with great stadiums and they should be used. Football stadiums have crappy fields and grounds crews that do not know how to manage soccer fields well.

  11. 2 countries that wouldn't qualify and another that always shit their pants after the group stage. Should have been played in Europe and not prostituted like this.

  12. 🇨🇦🇲🇽🇺🇸🇺🇸🇲🇽🇨🇦🇲🇽🇺🇸🇨🇦🇺🇸🇲🇽🇨🇦❤️🇲🇽🇺🇸🇨🇦❤️🇲🇽🇺🇸🇨🇦🇲🇽🇨🇦🇺🇸

  13. Indudablemente Norteamérica Unida aplasta a Sudamérica, y al resto del mundo en estadios, será el mejor mundial de la historia.

  14. Ion think México gonna have 3 cites only and if anything azteca finna be where the Final going to take place 😌💯

  15. American and Canadian stadiums are old and nothing Fancy and sky open now does days the stadiums build closed on top and very modern check out 2022 world cup coming up in Qatar it will blow up your mind 🇹🇷🙏🇺🇸🇶🇦

  16. North North America truly rules the world of sports. The Big 4 leagues (NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL) are all amongst the Top 6 most valuable sports leagues. Don’t forget the MLS: the fastest growing football league in the world, which will soon match the major European football leagues in revenue. Europe has always ruled the sport of football due to its overwhelming popularity compared to all other sports. That’s why North America is the best region when it comes to sports. There’s such a huge variety of sports, and so many of them have high-tier leagues. By the way, I didn’t even mention American college sports. I can talk for days about the immense 150 year history, tradition, culture, and passion it has. This is something that doesn’t exist, and might never exist anywhere else in the world. It’s so difficult to explain if you’re not from America.

  17. Creo que el Rose Bowl no va ser incluido, en Los Angeles estan construyendo un nuevo estadio para los equipos de LA Rams y los Chargers. Ese es el estadio que van a usar en la sede de Los Angeles.

  18. USA: We have the best stadiums(some of them are really good(The new one in LA that still isn't done until later this year or next year should be here))
    Mexico:Sostenga mi cerveza

    Note:Just noticed this was posted in 2018


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