Ultimate Strategy for Risk, How to Win at Risk!


Risk game the best strategy to win.
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Note 1: Depending on the number of players, count out the “armies” you’ll need to start the game.
If 3 are playing, each player counts out 35 unit.
If 4 are playing, each player counts out 30 unti.
If 5 are playing, each player counts out 25 unit.
If 6 are playing, each player counts out 20 unit.

Note 2 : The number of extra armies are different for each continent:
Asia: 7
North America: 5
Europe: 5
Africa: 3
South America: 2
Australia: 2

Is Australia the Key to Victory?
Yes you will win for sure if you hold on Australia and 6 other territories.

this strategy will help you to make huge army while others fighting each other.

If you are asking why 6 territories?!!
The answer is the number of armies you receive. Place the new armies on any territory you already occupy.
Example: 11 territories = 3 armies, 14 territories = 4 armies, 17 territories = 5 armies. You will always receive at least 3 armies on a turn, even if you occupy fewer than 9 territories.
So you will get 6 unit each turn you play.

Fortifying your position: Remember to move troops towards borders where they can help in an attack and leave at least one army behind.

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  1. Control the choke point in Southeast Asia by deploying as many army as you can. Expand your territory onwards. That’s how you win.


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