TRAIL CAMERA REVIEW – Pros, Cons, and OUR Favorites


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Cuddeback 20MP Longrange IR –
Covert Blackhawk Cell Camera –
Covert Night Stryker (similar to Ted Miller’s camera) –

Python Locks –
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  1. Thanks guys…i have 3 cameras and hate all of them…appreciate the reviews as season is only a short time away. Great work fella's. God bless and willing ill see another one of your videos.

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  3. You make a fantastic tour of the different models informing broadly about what is important. Thank you very much and very good work! Greetings from Spain!

  4. Victure HC300 for 59 bucks. Pics, video, screen to review in field. Pic+30sec video mode
    Couldn't be happier w em

  5. I bought a wild game innovation on clearance just to check a game camera out, going to try and use it as a security camera. Thanks for the info. 👍

  6. I have around 20 Covert cams and thought they were the best. Mossy Oak Gamekeeper Shadow are made my Covert. Less than $50 bucks off Ebay. Like all Coverts they're easy to use and great battery life. All my Coverts do take blanks, some worse than others. Especially if they're facing West or East. Have used Buckeye, Cuddeback, Bushnell, Primos and others I can't remember. I started with Coverts way back because they use AA batteries that are easy to find if you're in the boonies. For the money and quality and ease of use I don't see how you can beat them. Check out the Gamekeeper Shadow.

  7. Guys…because of Nefarious Activities lately we would like to Record: Vehicles, Drivers and especially License Plates. Recommendation please.

  8. Very informative guys and it helps greatly. I am sure some of these camera makers see this and YOUR VIDS make them make better products.
    Nobody likes to not be a good camera maker, so thanks again. Cheer's……..

  9. Wow!!! I just started the video and was like who is that guy??? It’s Ted!!! Not recognizable without the stache!!! Lol

  10. I got this one, took like 3 weeks to show up but otherwise works decent enough for the money.

  11. I believe the one fellow is using snuff and trying to talk.(one side of his mouth is puffed out). 20, 30 years from now the doctors will be cutting that part of your face off. (It happened to my grandfather) just a warning, friend.

  12. I have the CovertWireless and it is the best camera I have. Stealth cam has been great too, and the the picture quality is the best out of all of mine.

  13. It's so useful to get reviews from people like you who actually have real life experience using the products. Thanks.

  14. I cant recall a video in all this time where ive seen you guys actually use trail cams. Prolly missed one somewhere i guess

  15. I got some StealthCams on sale and really like that brand. Gives a lot of options for around $75 when 50%. Many settings, great day time photos, good trigger speed, long battery life, and other pluses. I will say the night pics suck…but for the price it works.

    Tascos are great for public land…less than $30 and really are a solid camera. Downsides are reliability and the trigger distance/speed. Place it right and you won’t regret it for the price and ease of mind if it gets stolen.

  16. The tascos at Walmart are not bad camera for 28$ that what I put on public land if it gets stolen I’m not as mad about 28 $ as I would be over a 100$+ camera

  17. Are these guys related?Family or just friends.Where do they live and hunt?Hard not to like these characters.

  18. get some tasco 8mp cams from walmart $28 for public land pic quality is as good as those..the premos bullet proof 2 14mp is a good very small unit as well usualy get them on sale for $25 at walmart

  19. It's surprising with advancements in technology that game cameras simply haven't advanced much in the last handful of years. The difference between cheap cameras and the expensive differ little in quality, reliability and durability. So I tend to lean towards $100 or less cameras.

  20. I have a moultrie, cuddyback, and several browning trail cameras and the Brownings are easily the best. They are about $100, have great picture quality, and awesome trigger speed. I have pictures of a buck running past the camera at 10 yards and it took two VERY clear pics of him, whereas most other cameras would have given me 3 pictures of nothing because their trigger speed are so much slower. They also pick up deer movement at a very long distance away, which allows you to capture those big bucks who like to hang out in the background and not come in close. I would recommend the Browning Cameras to anyone, anyday!

  21. Yall should try the browning cameras, I have 3 of them and use them on public land mounted in lock boxes and I love them. Great video love the honest reviews!

  22. No love for Bushnell? I've been very pleased with my Bushnell Trophy Cam HD 20MP 119874C. I actually just bought my second one tonight. That will make three that I'll be running on my land. My wife and I have turned our property into a private park, and a sanctuary for animals. I have hunted in the past, but we don't allow hunting here, but rather encourage more and more animals to make the park their home.

    The only problems I've had with the Bushnell is a few false triggers. We do have things running by the camera though, such as rabbits and fox. So many of those could be the way I have the camera set up at its current location. Your video was very informative, and I would love to know your opinion about the newer Bushnell trail cameras. I plan to add more cameras in the future for a total of maybe six or so for the Park. Guests love to see pictures of the animals of the park, but it is self-funded by me and my wife, so its taken us some time to add the cameras we have.

    Its our own paradise though, as we've planted 90% of all of the trees within the park, and gave the land a lot of labor, and even more love.

  23. Many others available on Amazon! Like these great Trail Cameras for 2019
    Browning Strike Force- @t
    Bushnell Trophy Cam- @t
    Campark 14MP- @t
    Cuddeback E3- @t
    Day 6 Plotwatcher- @t
    ELEPAWL Trail Cam- @t
    Moultrie M40i- @t
    Moultrie M50i- @t
    Stealth Cam 30IR- @t
    Stealth Cam 45 no-glow- @t

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  25. I use stealth but I'm very excited about Exodus done a ton of studying up on these an all i've found was great reviews on them can't wait to try them.


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