Supermarket Shriek Xbox One Gameplay: Mike & Andy Screaming! (Let's Play Supermarket Shriek)


Supermarket Shriek is a bizarre co-operative game based on using screams to propel yourself around in a shopping trolley. It’s fiddly enough alone, but with one person controlling the human passenger and one controlling the goat, it becomes absolute chaos. Subscribe to Outside Xbox for more!

Supermarket Shriek arrived on Gamepass immediately after the Microsoft E3 conference and Andy and Mike decided to wrestle with its unique shriek-based control system and experience its sophisticated baked bean can physics for themselves.

Supermarket Shriek is out now on Xbox One gamepas.

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  1. Guessed developers are from NI correctly because the police van in the background is armoured. So very proud of my region…..

  2. "I think it would make for a really uncomfortable video." Tbh, idk if it'd be much different than your co-op videos usually. :'D

  3. Two Brits may be too polite to play this game "Go ahead" "No, after you" (Two Canadians would struggle too, lol)


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