SETUP Video 2 for GlassRaven 4G Trail Camera by CreativeXP – Receive INSTANT Photos & Videos


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1. Press “M”
2. Go to “4G”
3. Go down 6 times until you see “SEND TO”
4. Go to “EMAIL” —— The phone section should EMPTY if you are using SimHeo
5. Email 1 – click OK
6. Insert your email or phone number as shown on the BLACK INSERT found in the box. ( here is attached: )

*We recommend sending to your email because it’s faster, the image quality is better and you use fewer data. 90% of customers send photos to their email.

7. Save your input by pressing “M” and right after press “OK”
8. Press “M” 4 times until you are back to the main screen where you see what the camera is filming.
9. Take a test photo by pressing “OK”. You should see SEND SMTP on the screen and after less than a minute, you should see SENT SUCCESS.
10. Push the power button to “ON”.

***Under Main Menu ~ 4g ~ Transfer Mode (below Send To), you can choose if you want to receive Photos, Videos or both.


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  1. We set up this cam but it constantly sends a picture. Nothing is triggering but we receive pictures every minute. Is there anything to do with the camer set up options? It is a bit anoying to receive messages every minute.

  2. is there a way to set up sending photographs to an email where the camera does not send one email per photograph? If it does take a lot of photographs, that is a lot of emails to open and the pictures are hard to manage by having to drag each photo from each email to a folder. Thank you?


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