SAP Extended Warehouse Management (EWM) Simulation Tool


The Rocket Extended Warehouse Management (EWM) Simulation Suite is a powerful implementation and operational tool. Can be used during EWM implementations to help ensure processes are fit for purpose, scalable and that operational capacity can be achieved from day one.
The tool provides direct simulation of the SAP EWM process logic, layout and resources. It therefore avoids all the pitfalls of the more common modelling simulations which only provide approximations.

Part of the Rocket SAP EWM Rapid Deployment Suite that allows Rocket to deliver Better, Faster, and Comprehensive EWM implementations.

Ask about our EWM Quality Assurance and Design Validation service. Backed by the power of our EWM Simulation Tool and our EWM 3D visualisation tool the Virtual Warehouse Monitor.

Rocket Consulting is an SAP partner with SAP-Validated Expertise accreditation in Extended Warehouse Management solutions in the UK with over a decade of experience deploying SAP Supply Chain solutions.


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