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Play-doh launch game, Blue Orange – please subscribe: . In this video we would like to show you Play-doh launch game for whole family. We love to spend the time together and play doh is one of the activity we love. Oskar loves playing with it. Play-Doh stimulates his imagination, develops manual dexterity, helps in learning to distinguish colors. It has a pleasant smell. The dough develops creativity and imagination of our son. We plenty of play doh pots at home always ready for some new ideas. That is why play-doh launch game is even more fun! We can use the body of the game for moulding numerous shapes, we actually use them to create some prizes, which can be won during the game. Oskar loves this idea and gives him extra motivation to win. Of course not the winning is important in here, we do explain our son that the fun and time spent together is the bonus. Prize is just the cherry on the top. First we have to mould the balls using special press, and then we can play! We just have to switch on the mechanism which is spinning Play-doh figure – a pot. It also moves his lid and arms to make the game more interesting. When we launch the play-doh ball into the pot we have to use a good timing to score! This game is a perfect toy for long autumn and winter evenings when we have to find more creative activities at home as the weather is not as good as during the summer. Well we are prepared! What about you guys?

Play-doh launch game
age: 4+
Players: 2-3

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