No Straight Roads Preview PC Ultra Setting Playthrough – No Commentary

No Straight Roads stands out thanks to its strong art direction and presentation as ear-candy music plays to establish a very memorable opening.


Commentary Impressions:

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  1. Wow, I was expecting a kiddy “government reject cause they’re bad” , but they actually showed them abusing their power in a state of emergency, and discriminate against what would be considered an important part of culture in this society, the art style is so great, and the gameplay is amazing

  2. Я нихуя не понял че ваще происходит, но это классно!

  3. GODDD i love this game so much– can't wait to play it myself!

  4. I love how each boss track has its own EDM and Rock versions. Actually fighting w/music, I can't wait for this game. 😀

  5. "What happened to my cute mermaid idol!?"
    Life, Mayday. Life happened to Sayu. XD

  6. for a game about music they took a long time to play anything really interesting

  7. Getting really high Brutal Legends vibes.

  8. Getting some serious "Magolor" vibes from Kliff….

  9. Tatiana looks like cruela from 101 dalmations or from kronk pull the lether ting.. xd

  10. The overworld music gives me such P5 vibes it's not even funny!

  11. Sayu’s a robot and that explains the glitching and the kids you see are the programmers that give sayu her traits like her voice(sound icon) here design (the paint brush icon) and her programing (the film reel) as for where the programmers are idk maybe a studio.

  12. I want this game, its a shame its on epic not for the fact of me hating epic or anything, i rarely launch it so even tho il wish list it ima gonna forget about it and forget to save money for it when it comes out

  13. I'm starting to think that this Kliff dude is not a good guy.

  14. Am I the only one who thinks maydays voice is cute?😂

  15. I love how the kids controlling Sayu's last stand wasn't to make Sayu look so cute it almost physically hurt to attack and hurt her. It was to make her look like your sleep paralysis demon and hope it stuns Zuke and Mayday long enough to defeat them because her final form legit caused me to choke

  16. This is the universe where Rage Against the Machine didn't exist.

  17. Y'know, they'd fit right in Smash Ultimate.

  18. Mayday was giving off alot of lesbian vibes in the Sayu boss fight

  19. Is it just me or does Kliff sounds like Mark Hamill?

  20. This game was developed by a malaysian studio, for all those wondering why the voice actors sound slightly accented.

  21. 13:07 that's the funniest shit ive seen all day😂😂

  22. Why are the gals in this game, Insanely Hot??

  23. 1:06:25 she’s plugging in her trident like a usb (1st try: nope, flip: nope, flip back to 1st way: yep)

  24. 34:00 they’re an underground band and literally live underground. clever

  25. See this is when anime edm gets weird

  26. Weird and cringey game
    Need it

  27. They have a thing for big hands don't they.

  28. Man I do not trust Kliff narrows eyes

  29. Kliff is human colour i dont trust him

  30. that galaxy dude sure skipped leg day

  31. Some say the game is cringy & etc well then it's not for you. Remember games are meant for fun and any other reasons.

  32. When you love Rock and EDM because that's all you heard as a kid. X)
    Really loving this game. <3

  33. K no ofence, but what the fuck is Mays accent suposed to be? Cause sometimes she has ond and others she dosent and Im confused.

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