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Roblox Lumber Tycoon is a place where we can search for rare trees and harvest it’s wood for money! Let’s build a really cool house and factory in this game made by Defaultio!

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  1. oh yea now lava wood costs $300 each when you sell 1 of them. and erm you can earn $30000 by selling 3 lava wood trees when you sawmill them

  2. You have missed the wood in the snow biome at the top of the mountain. It sells good. I sold the plank version of the base and got 1k

  3. The Best Wood Is Actually Phantom Wood

    To Get It:
    Have an Eyeball
    Have an EndTimes Axe
    Go to bridge
    Put eyeball in hole and make it face person
    Talk to him and lower bridge
    He will take eyeball and the bridge will lower
    It will lower alot more than usual
    It will go down to a secret place
    Walk on the path
    You will find a tree
    You can only chop tree with Endtimes Axe
    $412 Per Unit

  4. now there is ice wood, it is a pain to get, but it is worth $110 and it is possible to get. i got some today and it is just like the dark blue wood, except lighter and slidey.


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