Minecraft Dragon Egg Duplicator – How To Duplicate Ender Dragon Eggs

Liam shows a Minecraft Dragon Egg Duplicator and how to duplicate Ender Dragon Eggs. We get ready to hatch some Ender Dragon Eggs that Liam has found and he shows us how to copy eggs and duplicate them to build up how many you have! After you defeat the Ender Dragon you can get the egg and then duplicate it with the Dragon Egg Duplicator method. Liam love playing Minecraft and the Ender Dragon is probably his favourite character in the game. Let us know if you play Minecraft and if you have defeated the Ender Dragon and have a Dragon Egg.

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We hope you enjoy our Minecraft Dragon Egg Duplicator – How To Duplicate Ender Dragon Eggs video!

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  1. I love your videos kids

  2. Try it on creative mode

  3. What is the name of that minecraft

  4. I want to learn how to ride a dragon

  5. You could go high by going in creative mode to fly and go any we're

  6. Some day I want to have a play date with you.

  7. oh my gosh i love your vids owen and liam you guys are my favourite youtubers of all time keep up the great vids and stay awsome your biggest fan joshua oh yeah i was the first person to watch this vid

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