Meerkats In The Wild [Episode 5 Of Kalahari Meerkats] | Real Wild


Standing tall at only one foot high, the meerkat is a small member of the mongoose family that thrives in one of the driest places on Earth – the Kalahari Desert. On the surface, the meerkats seem like adorable creatures, but do their cute facades mask their true colors? These highly social creatures are precocious and tough enough to send a cape cobra slinking into a hole.
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  1. At the end of this video i felt cry because they died due to jungle burned… Because human are being lazy… They are fire on jungle …they do not care animals….sorry ofr meerket…😢😢😢😢

  2. Well , I just found something new to start watching lol. Bn watching nature docs Everyday for the last few months , so may as well have some meerkats in the mix lol.
    Was watching season one of old meerkat manner episodes and always up for some meerkats ! They’re just mere – cats !!( even if they’re not “ cats “)… they’re so tiny , hilarious and adorable!
    Idk why they always pick weird or dumb names on all the nature documentaries whenever people start giving wild animals names though .. I really never have cared for the types of names they pick or how they’ll randomly go from an African name ,calling one or more animals something that is given based on some sort of meaning behind it relating to their individual personalities and then will throw in a standard Americanized name that’s meaningless in terms of them naming it and giving any specific reasoning as to why they picked it and it’s always some common name from 50 years ago or one of Those names that whenever someone who is called that name is asked ,
    They immediately say they hate it bc it has nothing to it , no special meaning to them , no cool or unique factor , just they feel plain and don’t care for the name lol.
    So far I’ve heard 2-3 names while beginning this video and at least I do like the name Malachi, from the Bible and it has a powerful resonance about it. Don’t know that its appropriate for a 12 inch meerkat but whatever lol. It’s just if we’re going to be stuck hearing a bunch of names ppl just randomly decided on , why couldn’t
    They have picked things that stand for something or could even have a theme shared among the entire group ? Not in the same overly incessantly annoying way some people decide to go about that when they have multiple family members having to all use the same initial or trend on first and middle names that are all on the REALLY off side of things lol , but just throwing that out there haha.
    Maybe some folks don’t care and it’s just some sort of segment reaching from the fact that I have misophonia and perhaps that extends into affecting things even like words lol. Idk ! If u guys like the name Cleo , no hard feelings 😂 but I immediately was like hmmm. Wonder what names they’ll be throwing out there on this one , whether it will be the same typical trend I’ve seen among most people who document wild animals or would there be some interesting , fitting ones that had a nice quality to them .. still watching .. first time seeing any of these & even apart from the name thing 😆, I know I’ll enjoy seeing these little meerkats , which is what obviously it’s really about in the first place. Already interrupted by ads and not even hardly a minute into the video though. NOT A FAN of THAT .. ever since youtube made it more intrusive ,Allowing ads at both middle ,beginning and more annoyingly , the end of vids , it’s ruined it. Tried an adblocker that did absolutely nothing. Don’t wanna have to be subjected to so many ( some vids will be relatively short yet still Manage to have 6 or 7 ads ) and not wanting to risk any Malicious/ bs apps trying to find a solution. While I don’t mind there being one per vid , it just defeats the purpose when they allow so many & really it isn’t anything that has to be done in order to run YouTube ,So for ppl and their channels to only be limited to running one , it isn’t the end of the world. At some point in this world it would be nice to not constantly be treated like a billboard or constantly being solicited ads every time we turn around without having to pay fees just to be free of them. At least this says there’s only 2 in compassion to some Channels but hopefully SOMEBODY gets what I’m saying lol.

  3. Of course Brutus's ego is badly bruised he was rejected the girl of his dream cleo. He wanted to rule side by side of his queen. I fully understand that. Sorry Bru better luck next time.

  4. Thanx for sharing…I’ve been watching since my children introduced me, TURBOROSCOEMAGUE back many years ago.. Brings back memories of happiness and blessings…carry on

  5. What happened to Napoleon and Solo? Are they still a part of the group? Even if they did die somehow, why didn't you mention it?


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