Meerkat Madness Returns!


After some site hibernation, Meerkat Madness is back! With many updates and ever growing new features for members to try out! Its now ten times as meerkat official as it ever was!

Meerkat Madness has been around for over two years now, having its higher moments and lower moments. We dont seek just to gain members but rather to bring a meerkat loving community together. We want to make something special of this site. But it can only happen if we, the meerkat lovers, make it that way.

Meerkat Madness is a place for meerkats as well as mongooses and the occasional off topic talk. You can role play to your desire, create other such games, Join contests and actually win prizes! You can talk of Meerkat Manor, season 1 to season 4 and beyond as well as the Kalahari Meerkat Project and its monthly updates and much more! You can even keep updated with the site on LiveJournal and contact us at its very own email address. Both found on the site. Meerkat Madness is shooting to be something more then any ordinary site or role play site.

We are also trying to build our staff and give positions out to trust worthy members who earn the status of mod, A.K.A. Sentry or Babysitter, Through hard work and dedication.

Our Staff is made of:

Dominants: Jax, Alex McCat

Sentries: None currently.

Babysitters: None currently.

I will keep this video updated on staff members

As said before, we arent trying to gain members but to bring a meerkat loving community together, and get a better understanding of the little creatures we love. So please stop by and take a look and see if youd consider the site as a burrow home.



In othe rnews, yes I have been working on other videos but with work recently, time is a little shorter then usual. But I will have new stuff up soon :]


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