Marvel: Contest of Champions – CRYSTAL WARS! ft. Grave Ender!

Grave Ender:

Yo what is up you guys? This is YeetOS this is my whateverith video on this account and I will be uploading Marvel: Contest of Champions videos. Marvel: Contest of Champions is an iOS and Andriod app which allows you to fight against well known Marvel heroes and villains. I will be uploading more Marvel: Contest of Champions videos in the future, maybe some crystal openings but yeah.. I am rambling a little too much. Many of you have asked about Marvel: Future Fight.. I am considering it but I do not like the game that much. This is also my new series, Crystal Wars in which we duel two YouTubers against each other.
Grave and I are both going to be giving away 1 Crystal, just comment your IGN and Like the video! Have a great day!
Crystal Openings:
Road to Thanos:

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  1. Scarlet Witch was my first 4 star

  2. ………………………………..

  3. wbangca or London town

  4. Here the song it's like Bing Bing Bing bong

  5. these videos are cool keep up the good work
    IGN: jammyazu

  6. great vid —- ign: audiltr

  7. Let me get that crystal IGN: DopantBeats

  8. Onyxgem here great video Yeets!

  9. I think grave ended wins. I have that feeling!! (BobIsThisLove)

  10. Killermax23 with the 4* yellowjacket

  11. dude… do crystal wars with Game Mockers…. he is a newbie… but he is freakin good…:D

  12. My username is BobbanMillan74 pls gift me

  13. IGN: Shayan Adnan (3* Collosus as profile picture)

  14. my ING is ???.

  15. Nice vid yeet 🙂 ign:Neldog18 (not sure if you already did the crystal but if you did its totally fine)

  16. I want an organic crystal and my ign is r34lhappycamper

  17. my ign is xXMiranChampXx

  18. Another awesome video bro with my boy Grave Ender. To work some of the kinks out u could tell whoever you're challenging each time you're ready and once they're ready that you're going to start spinning a crystal. That way you'll have the communication part down cuz I know it's probably really hard when u can't see what they're doing. Like u said after a couple more you'll get the hang of it. I can't wait for the next one!

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