Marvel: Contest of Champions – CRYSTAL WARS! ft. Grave Ender!


Grave Ender:

Yo what is up you guys? This is YeetOS this is my whateverith video on this account and I will be uploading Marvel: Contest of Champions videos. Marvel: Contest of Champions is an iOS and Andriod app which allows you to fight against well known Marvel heroes and villains. I will be uploading more Marvel: Contest of Champions videos in the future, maybe some crystal openings but yeah.. I am rambling a little too much. Many of you have asked about Marvel: Future Fight.. I am considering it but I do not like the game that much. This is also my new series, Crystal Wars in which we duel two YouTubers against each other.
Grave and I are both going to be giving away 1 Crystal, just comment your IGN and Like the video! Have a great day!
Crystal Openings:
Road to Thanos:

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  1. Another awesome video bro with my boy Grave Ender. To work some of the kinks out u could tell whoever you're challenging each time you're ready and once they're ready that you're going to start spinning a crystal. That way you'll have the communication part down cuz I know it's probably really hard when u can't see what they're doing. Like u said after a couple more you'll get the hang of it. I can't wait for the next one!


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