Kids React To Try Not To Get Scared Challenge

Try not to scared challenge played by Kids. Original links below.
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Kids React To Try Not To Get Scared Challenge. Watch to see their reactions.

Content Featured:
Return to Oz – Princess Mombi Part II

IT (2017) – Opening Georgie’s Death Scenes


Return to Oz – Princess Mombi Part II



IT – You’ll float too.

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Reactors Featured:
Jordyn, age 8

Jake, age 10

Gabe, age 11

Jenna, age 11

Sydney, age 11

Emma R., age 12
Maxim, age 12
Kacey, age 13


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Kids React To Try Not To Get Scared Challenge


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  1. At the end I was laughing like a little psico and I was all like little demon kid and trying to breathe cause I was laughing so hard and I'm 11

  2. Maxim is so me lmao these are nothing

  3. Jake is such a scaredy cat

  4. I'm a kid and i didnt get scared once.

  5. I swear am I the only one who knows the wizard of OZ movie?These Kids don't know HOW???

  6. I’m scared of my taxis and my bills O_O

  7. Omg im scared of pennywise

  8. Show them that video where that guy does that saw in half trick on his wife but there was an accident and he actually sawed his wife’s head of with a chainsaw

  9. This video versus a lot of strange things that almost scared me only one that scared me was the ghost one and the snake one already watched before and it scared me one

  10. Hi there gorge you scared like if you scared

  11. My favorite movie is it and it's not that scary I am the same age as some as these kids were when this video was made

  12. Producers: Let’s traumatise kids. 😈

  13. I just start to watch this …. And a red balloon came in from out of nowhere inside my back door ….

  14. Anything with IT
    Me: omg this is IT this is my fav movieeeeeeee

  15. The girl black and white clip didn’t make me scared because
    I’ve seen it before

  16. For my opinion, non of em are scary except the eye one

  17. Dead lady no more like deadly lady

  18. lol the guy that is cleaning up in like a restuant he sees the chair move i was scared my dad showed me that on facebook i screamed soo loud!!

  19. Omg that scared Me😱😱😱

  20. To me, It/Pennywise isn't scary. To me, spiders and snakes are demons.

  21. I'm A scary cat when it come's to clowns

  22. The movie with heads is from return to oz. It's a "sequel" to the Wizard of Oz. I wouldn't recommend it, but a bunch of people like it.

  23. Jordyn was on a t.v show watch it it's called family reuion

  24. When your mom doesn't let you watch scary movies but lets you watch kids react.

  25. Why does Sydney get acar d so easily 😂

  26. Georgie has to be the dumbest kid to grab it- I mean, when do you see a clown in a sewer and, can’t you just make a new boat? I’ll never get why Georgie was too dumb.

  27. You know none of this videos are even 😎.

    If anyone are not scared of this videos you watch I like you 😘☺😍😎

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