Invading Hordes : Endless Space 2 EP15 – I Am Horatio Hard Difficulty Walkthrough


Invading Hordes : Endless Space 2 EP15 – I Am Horatio Hard Difficulty Walkthrough

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Endless Space was a breakout hit when it was released a few years ago, and Amplitude Studios quickly became one of the most creative and innovative game designers working today. Endless Space set the foundation of the Endless universe, which served as the backdrop for Amplitude’s popular follow-up Endless Legend, as well as the interesting roguelike Dungeon of the Endless. Many games over the last few years have adopted features of Amplitude’s games, notably the introduction of a technology web instead of a traditional tech tree, and Civilization 6’s districts are a clear response to the city-building aspect of Endless Legend.

Endless Space 2 takes everything this groundbreaking studio has learned through the series and adds several layers of complexity and detail to create another leading example of what space 4X games can do.

We’ll be playing as I Am Horatio, an empire of clones determined to beautify the universe in the best way they know – by genetically engineering all life to resemble themselves. This game has been out for about a week, and I haven’t had a lot of time to play it but I do feel comfortable enough to play at hard difficulty, which is really the middle of all difficulty levels.

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  1. The vodyani are so powerful because one of their hero skill is broke, granting huge fidsi ressources. That's why they have such powerful fleets

  2. hey , I finished my gameplay with Horatio in hard difficulty and i had the economyvictory ! it was my 2nd game on both i win economyvictory ! so i think the easy way to beat the game is true economic victory !

  3. this game seems like the longer in you get the farther behind you become if you don't get the resources.
    I also think you might have to diversify your types of damage so you can hurt ships even if they max out armor in one area you can harm them in the other, don't know if i made sense but i think your doing well.


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