Instant Trailer Review – Ender's Game Trailer #1 (2013) – Harrison Ford Movie HD


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Ender’s Game Trailer #1 (2013) – Harrison Ford Movie HD

70 years after a horrific alien war, an unusually gifted child is sent to an advanced military school in space to prepare for a future invasion.

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  1. can anyone tells me what is the name of the girl in the 'launchie'…?? ( the only girl in the YELLOW SUITS )

  2. Graff has no relations to Ender or Valentine. not Valenteen!!! geez! I was okay with everything else. But you pronounced one of the character's name's wrong! and make up relations that aren't there! That is when I get mad! Do not pronounce her name wrong. BAD!

  3. This story is VERY unique! It's so deep. I remember hearing about it and thinking, "Ugh. It's just about fighting aliens." I put it off for the LONGEST time. I'm so happy that I read it!!! I've been tortured waiting for this movie to come out. If they mess up this movie I will be gravely heart broken.

  4. This is a completely blind prediction, but I don't think this will be as good the book. I mean, think about all the movies throughout history that have either had barely anything to do with the books, or somehow wound up being worse. I'm not even going to bother listing the ones I can think of. Then again, this might just be a chance for the modern movie industry to keep me from writing off seeing any new movies.

  5. I can't imagine watching the trailer without having read the book first. The line "you will be remembered as a hero" probably just sounds like a cliché, rather than being a cruel irony.

  6. For my dad's sake, I hope they don't mess this up, because my dad read the book and he's probably got sky high expectations!

  7. I find it funny how people are attacking the review for getting facts wrong when THEY HAVEN'T READ THE BOOK! Two weeks ago I hadn't read the book and had the same thoughts as them

  8. STOP TALKING ABOUT THE actors/actresses! TOTALLY OBLIVIOUS TO THE MORALS OF USING kids IN WARFARE! Argh, I'm disgusted by your caliber of "reviews"!!!

  9. How does hating an author automatically make it a bad book? If you don't wanna read it… just watch the movie 😛

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  11. I knew they would make a movie out of this book, about time!!! If it is true to the book it is going to kick ass!!

  12. read it 5 times. took a day to read. also read the other books in this series but never finished the shadow series. got to shadow of the hedgemon and couldn't find the next book

  13. its been a while that we got a solid movie with a good twist ending like this story has. I really hope that they stick to the story and not cut anything out.

  14. People making reviews of sci-fi movies never read Ender's Game? Nice. I know it is not easy to learn to read. But hey guys, beleive me it is worth the time! EG and the Ender series are in the top 100 sci-fi books ever written if not in the top 20 like a lot of reviewers claim. That would mean only 100 books. Go for it! For an average speed reader it takes 2 years for an experienced 6 months. You look around 30. Hurry up!

  15. i recommend to all three of you to look at it carefully, because it may still surprise you. It may look as an "usual" invasion war, but it kinds of works through it in a novel way i think, certainly i had never seen it tackled that way before in the many sci fi books i had read before Ender's Game… It speaks more of humanity at his best AND worst than of a blind patriottic heroism…

  16. Well at least they got the Battle Room scenes correct, what with the "stars", the suits, the trick with the rope, and the pushing off each other tricks. And did I see that "human wall" formation from the last battle in battle school?
    The final space battle scene seemed off though…they weren't close enough to the planet. That was one of my favorite scenes from the book, and I could just imagine the last battleship firing it's weapon as it burned up in the atmosphere…

  17. Actually, you can't really call it a spoiler if you've read the book because you already know what is going to happen. The hole planet thing, that doesn't say much either because numerous planets get destroyed throughout the book. A real spoiler would be if I told you that in the end, Ender turns his hatred on the military for all the lies they told him to defeat the aliens and uses the Molecular Disruption device to obliterate the last military outpost. Ops! I guess you better read the book.

  18. i was very disapointed in the trailer i haveread all the books in the enders game series and i am very disapointed in how the movie loooks so far

  19. If you start today- you three have SIX MONTHS to read this very short, very, very deep story. It was written when Atari video games were being introduced… before laptops, before the internet- and it used all these "futuristic" things integrated into the story line – and got it RIGHT. The "coming of age story" of a child being manipulated by The Military with video games is at the root of this.

    I liked this review a LOT and would LOVE to see a review AFTER you read the book! Why not??? k?

  20. There's 3 infatuations the planes are from the first infatuations that took place 100 years before the movie


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