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  1. It might be a good strat when people don't know what they do. But if they know what you're doing, they can just stay guarding their continent, and just pop yours everytime so you dont get the extra troops. That way, they will be doing the bunker strat, getting bigger and bigger (faster than you, because they have a continent and you dont) and they will eventually be strong enough to defeat you. What's the point?

  2. I really enjoyed your video,
    But sadly this tactic doesn't work.

    I've played 5 games since watching the video and lost 4. I'm currently at Intermediate level.
    This tactic only worked once against Beginners, who I was beating fairly comfortably anyway.

    The same thing happens in every game;

    – Opponents attack each other, realise what I'm doing then hide away themselves.
    – Someone has ALWAYS had North America and someone else Australia.
    – They then just build up more/ the same troops as me.
    – Someone usually gives up within 10 minutes so there's always a bot roaming around, so they just attack your borders anyway.
    – In the end everyone is just swapping one territory in Europe and Asia.

    Please don't take this as a standard internet hate comment 😂 I'm just trying to understand what I'm doing wrong, as I did enjoy your video! 👍😁

  3. It didn’t make sense to me at first, i am one who always guards my borders with slightly less troops then my neighbor but I will have to try this because it seems like a really good strategy.

  4. “Go out… and… be… great”. Master risk, respectively, if you want more subs then you should hipe it up a little. You made me a better risk player

  5. I kick my friends' asses in any other game.
    So, they immediately gang up on me in RISK.

    I lose the game but maintain the friendships.

  6. This is purely a mental/ fake-out strategy, from a strength standpoint they could gain a cumulative advantage over you if they're holding land and you're not. If a player is successfully holding a small continent like south america or australia, they will simply be gaining almost double your troops. That means they could through away 2/5 of their troops on your borders and still mega stack the same as you.

    The answer to a greed strategy is to out greed.

  7. Maybe the only continent this wouldn't work may be Asia. If somebody gets Asia everybody gets spooked and starts attacking them.

  8. Maybe I'm retarded but why do you think the enemies wouldn't attack a low protected border? Purple not protecting his border at 3:46 sure helped him great. Now imagine if purple couldn't get the land back and just lost his bonus forever.

    What kinda strategy is that?

  9. easy way to die
    if you do this before you have a big army they can get a foothold in your continent to stop you from getting points which basically means you lose

  10. Yellow quit because he felt like everyone was going after him. Green, purple, and you sitting in Africa just waiting. It was over for him.

  11. Anyone Else noticed people hacking in this game? Lol. I played against someone that had back to back to back to back bonus Cards of like 30-50 troops without doing anything to earn It

  12. why was purple sitting on 30 armies buried down in mexico? if they were moved to greenland it woulda been purple pandemonium

  13. Lmao the current state of this game is a complete fucking joke😂 completely fucking unplayable.

    Hasbro's is a fucking money hungry joke


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