How To Win RISK | Tip #1 TAKE OUT THE OBNOXIOUS PLAYER! (at the right time)


Since the dawn of this channel ya’ll have demanded tutorial videos with tips and tricks……. So here you go!
Tip: When you have as many troops as all other players combined you can usually take someone out safely.

Green was my enemy from the start. But I had to be patient and wait to take him out at the right time. When I had accumulated enough troops to win the game I did.

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  1. You’re one of those guys that just camps Australia and snipes wipe outs of others every game and think that takes skill lol

  2. Has anyone else had a dodgy experience by their turn skipping? Not sure if a glitch but was playing 6 World domination today and the computer decided to skip my turn costing me much hassle. Is this a bug?

  3. How on earth did you get so many armies when you only seemed to have Australia? You get very little through owning Australia. Were you using some kind of cheat code?

  4. Shocking. A tutorial in risk where you own Australia lol. The number one rule of risk from beginners day 1 to experts year 30. CONTROL AUSTRALIA lol. Real enlightening strategy there ….lol


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