HOW TO SURVIVE KAMIKAZE ATTACKS IN RISK | Fixed cards | How to Win Risk Global Domination


Strategy to beat aggressive beginners easily. Improve your gameplay easily with these few simple tips & tricks I reveal in this video… 4 players fixed cards game on Classic risk map.

In this channel I’m sharing relevant tips and tricks that will help you to increase your rank in no time. I upload my videos constantly, I try to make them short and informative but also entertaining at the same time.

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I’m currently Grandmaster and have over 1000 hours of experience which I want to share with you. Most people want to know how to win at risk. Are you one them? If so, then what are you waiting for, subscribe and start gaining those rank points right now 😉

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What is Risk?

Risk is a strategy board game of diplomacy, conflict and conquest for two to six players. Players may form and dissolve alliances during the course of the game. The main goal in the standard version is to conquer every territory on the map and in doing so, eliminate the other players.

RISK: Global Domination is based on risk board game. Online risk has never been so much fun! Take the battle online with Global Domination mode. Defend your territories, draft troops, and launch attacks for the ultimate conquest against friends, family, and foes. NOW WITH FULL ONLINE MULTIPLAYER AND MATCHMAKING!

RISK: Global Domination gameplay by Hasbro, Inc mobile/tablet Android, iOS, iPhone, iPad!

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Song: Malik Bash – Ghosts [NCS Release]
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  1. I always watch one of your videos, then go play one round. Just to come back and try to figure out where i went wrong 😂

  2. I plan with people who suicide on me and I go from a winning situation to a losing one, love the video keep it up.

  3. Its not just beginners it still confuses me when masters kamikazee against a beginner happened to me twice today

  4. My dear Champ, that was a tough one. The word Irrational cant describe what bunch of nonsense moves those players made combined with you bad luck on sets, it seems like a miracle that you were able to win that game. But what am i saying … lololol…. Good strategy has the odds on its side. Thats the stuff Champions are made of. Cheers mate.

  5. When I started playing risk I had a 17 lose streak and uninstalled the game. But my last game got me to master, thanks for your helpfull and entertaining videos.

  6. I really hate it. If I Play against grandmasters they are always cheating. Does somebody know a solution I think I am gonna leave any game directly if a grandmaster joins, because I do not trust them at all

  7. Great game again! Many players would have quit when the kamikaze attacked. You are the best risk player, even more in the end game strategy

  8. I get bad luck with cards in recent games as well but that was one hell of a victory and I hope you do more videos in the future!


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