How To: Keep a trail camera from being stolen!


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  1. Good idea to set trail cameras up high, but I went ahead and bought a collapsible aluminum ladder that only weighs about 20 pounds. Can't use it down in the swamp because water gets in the ladder, but for upland use, that ladder is a real time saver.

  2. I have a problem with a property that is in the country they are stealing everything and I've had it the law won't do nothing about so I'm going to catch them they will be sorry when I catch them!

  3. Good video, but have you ever considered how trail cameras are an invasion of the privacy of those who also like to use public land? Let's face it, most people who use trail cameras are those who don't want to get out and scout properly.

  4. Orrrr super glue an antenna to the top of the trail cam so they think the pics are being sent directly to your phone.

  5. I live in the Pacific Northwest; we have so much undergrowth that you just bush in the camera a little and no one will find it.

  6. The best way is to wait in the bushes and shoot the thief in the head, but you need to bring a shovel also. Problem solved, that thief will never steal another thing from anyone.

  7. The title didn’t say how to safely hang a trail cam. It’s how To keep ur cams from being stolen. Keep with the topic bub

  8. Very good video, great explanation. But I personally don't like images with the camera pointing up and down.

  9. Had some scum break into our shop, they stole everything, motorhome, cars, trucks, motocycles, even got in our double wide. Hate theives.

  10. Just put a camera in a wood really near the ground, I live in a small town in Minnesota, so I just have to trust the people here, we are all pretty nice and i think I can trust my community.


  11. Any thief over 30 that is a constant repeat offender should be executed. Government should just send his Mother flowers and the ashes.

  12. I've had geniuses not see cameras only 8' high… Cameras aimed at a mock scrape with a licking branch tied over it. Instead of using the strap I snake a bit of bungee cord through the strap slot and form loops on each end. Then I attach it to the tree with a bigger bungee. That allows a snug fit against the sticks that angle the camera down. I also do some other camo techniques to my cameras, but you can figure that out 🙂 I just carry a single climbing stick with a double aider at the bottom. You can get some good height! BONUS: If you cameras are not no glow, this will help (somewhat) to keep game and thrives from seeing them.

  13. Agree thieves are low but Cmon man…any camera attached to a tree left on public or private can be stolen. Witness the gas powered chain saw.
    Even metal boxes with lag bolt covered. They cut the tree above and below take it home and defeat the container.

  14. If you leave something tied to a tree on public land… that's littering. Shame on you for ! Anyone has a right to remove discarded trash from forests – private property is different but , don't leave your electronics cluttering up nature on public land.

  15. Sucks to say it but there is only 1 way of never having a cam stolen again… Stop putting out camera's. .

  16. I had someone take my SD card, idk why it made me mad I would have them rather just take the whole camera.

  17. Oh yeah, i also use a metal band pipe clamp, the kind you use screw driver to tighten, to add extra security to prevent theft. Far from un-stealabe but extra work nonetheless and a deterrant.

  18. So smart. Light, safe, effective. I USED TO (now im gonna use your method now) screw in foot pegs to climb up a bit and take them out as i came down. Worked like a charm but they were waaay heavier than a rope.

  19. I hunt Public also sometimes I will carry 3 or 4 camera`s most of the time I will have 2 watching the same spot . I`ve had met hunters coming from same area stop and ask did I have a stand and camera down the trail . I would tell them yes but I would also say I had 1 or 2 more camera`s that seen them also . like your video keep it up .

  20. If you need to steal someone’s trail camera, you really are a loser. Thanks for the tips man. Cheers

  21. 5:00, trail camera thief getting a birds-eye view of where you're putting your camera.
    Little suggestion for people, tuck that flapping strap in behind the camera, it flapping in the breeze like that will be one added thing to draw a person attention.

    Very good and simple idea, to get the camera up and out of reach/sight. Recently had a camera stolen but the only saving grace for the camera itself is in the state of Wisconsin if putting your camera on public land you need to permanently put your name or your DNR customer number on the camera where it can easily be seen without a warden moving the camera to see the info. Well long story short they must have gotten home or on the walk out and noticed that my DNR customer number was etched deeply in the camera and decided they really could not use it anywhere in the area without me possibly finding it again. So the low-life scum brought the camera back but stole the chip and for some odd reason even the batteries.


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