How to Fix Operating System Not Found in Windows (No Bootable Device)

Here’s how to fix the issue of no bootable device or operating system not found in Windows 10.
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In this tutorial, I will be demonstrating a number of ways to fix the problem of no operating system found in Windows, be it Windows 10, 8, or 7. Depending on the make and model of your laptop, this error message could be a bit different for you, for most laptops it would say “No operating system found”, for some it would say “No bootable device found” or “No Boot device found”. To avoid any further complications to your computer, I will advise that you follow these suggestions in the order in which they are presented.

1. Check out for is a loose connection between your hard drive and the motherboard.
2. Check your boot priority order.
3. Change from UEFI to legacy or CSM boot mode from the BIOS or vice versa.
4. Reassign primary boot device (Needs a bootable windows USB).

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  2. I changed my diskpart to a other volume by mistake now im on windows 7 is there a way i can go to diskpart volume 1 on windows 7 or is it deleted

  3. Thank you so much the last method worked very well

  4. The 3rd step worked on me! Thank you so much bro and more power.

  5. Does this work with a sd card as the usb drive?

  6. Precisely simple fix. Thank you!

  7. I would think the UEIF part would work but idk how to get to it. Im on a gateway laptop (not right now tho) and i dont know how to get to that part

  8. the UEFI part confused me

  9. Thank you. No joke, the second one solved my problem. 👍

  10. What key to use were I can go to bios?

  11. I havent tried this yet but i think my hard disk is loose because i hit my keyboard a lot cuz some idiots made me mad and anger issues sure is a lotta fun

  12. i tried the 4th step and it works! thank you!

  13. Please can someone help, in my case even after doing everything and shutting down the pc it is saying no operating device found

  14. Very helpful..I was very upset as was facing the same is resolved now…thank u so much …you have explained it very well..👏

  15. Thank you so much bro❤️❤️❤️❤️

  16. After following your Videos instruction i did not get any solution , one new problem has been occured MGRBoot not available error is coming

  17. Thank you sir, GodBless you

  18. when i typed select volume 1 it say volume 1 is the selected volume after that i typed active and hit enter it say there is no partition selected (what is this solution???

  19. When I use the bootable USB it does stick in setup starting and no mouse cursor also

  20. Hi, when I try to enter the command active, it says "The selected disk is not a fixed MBR disk." I have chosen correct volume. Could you help me out?

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