How to field dress a Mule deer without gutting | Raptorazor Big Game Skinner.


How to field dress a Mule deer without gutting, Using the Raptorazor knives. Visit for all our products.

As advocates of the gutless skinning technique, Raptorazor designed the perfect knife combo for field dressing made easy and clean. With a unique design specifically oriented for the gutless method, T-grip handle to eliminate hand fatigue while offering complete control, and replaceable blades so you always have a perfect edge, this field dressing combo will soon become the only knives you need in any hunting or fishing situation.

This innovative field dressing combo has everything you need to usher in a new era in big game processing.

Join the skinning revolution and cut your time in half, guaranteed!

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Raptorazor is humbled and proud to have saved thousands of avid hunters and fisherman countless hours and hand strain with our revolutionary, patented knife system. Raptorazor is home to the Big Game Skinner and the MANŌ; two knifes that are changing the hunting and fishing world by reducing processing time by 50% and reducing hand fatigue by more than 75%!

No knife processes big game like the The Big Game Skinner. It is hands down the best knife you will ever use to field dress an animal. Thick hides and bones are no match for The Big Game Skinner. The MANŌ knife makes the harvesting of meat fast and easy. The MANŌ acts like an extension of your index finger so it feels like you are removing the cuts with a pinpoint laser. The MANŌ is fast and precise. Since these two knives come with replaceable razor-sharp blades, they will always perform like you’re cutting through butter.

Rick Grover founded and invented Raptorazor out of necessity. As a master of the gutless field dressing technique for over 35 years, he grew tired of his standard knife losing its edge or replaceable blades breaking halfway through a job. His hands grew tired and the job carried on way too long, so he created the best knife system for the gutless technique which cut his field dressing time in half and all but eliminated his hand fatigue. He expanded his system to include fishing by offering with the best filet knife sets on the market. Raptorazor has all the knives you need to go from the field to the table!

We’re confident that you will find our knives to be the best field-dressing knives that you’ve ever used. In fact we are so sure you’ll love them, that we offer a full money-back satisfaction guarantee.

Thank you for your interest in Raptorazor.
Happy hunting!

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  1. You leave the best part behind! Why does everyone leave the heart and liver. I beg people to bring them back if they get a deer and they still don't!

  2. How do you check for illness / disease before field dressing the animal. Enjoyed the video. ATB from Staffordshire Moorlands, England.

  3. Points from 100%you get 110% best system in the last 50years I been a butcher for 37 years I hope you sell 1000s yours Lillian Leeds engljand.

  4. Enjoyed the video…maybe you did waste some meat, but other critters gotta eat too..and it looks like everyone wins…cept maybe the deer. 🙂

  5. er…instead of "manhood" I think it might be more accurate to say his "buckhood," LOL. Otherwise, GREAT video — and nice looking knives, too. I'm gonna order from ya.

  6. Best gutless method video. Glad to see how you keep the sex identification in tact. Only video which shows that. Very easy once you see it, but ya have to see at least once.


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