How Stow Gypsy Fair has changed since Jack Hargreaves went there in 1982 – Jack's Country


In 1982 Jack Hargreaves went to Stow Fair to make a programme for Old Country. I went back this year to see how it has change since those days and met Johny Gumble, the son of a man that Jack had filmed, on his flat cart all those years ago.
The video includes some footage from the Old Country programme Stow Fair.

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Production gear:

Post production:

There were 60 programmes made over a period of three years and were produced by me Dave Knowles for Channel 4.
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  1. Thank you again for these wonderful programmes. I must say this has such great sound quality; something of a rarity today! Bless you and yours. G

  2. The whole planet has changed – community is now described by its addiction to consumerism.
    It is now all about Amazon and upgrades.
    We are well past the turn

  3. Its not just the loss of gypsy culture its also our culture, a culture we had no problem with for centuries. Everyone non gypsy loves the fairs but get suddenly hypocritical if they pull over for a few days near them.

  4. I grew up in Barnet, north of London and each year the fair would come, Danters fun fair one side of the road and the horse fair on the other side. As a 13/14 year old I would get paid 2 shillings for every wild pony I rode that sold. These pony were straight off the moors, new Forest etc and had never had a weight on their backs, I would hang on for dear life, no bridle or saddle, just a rope put on the pony's head like a bridle.
    When the fair closed I would rush home and get out of the muddy clothes, have a shower and then head for the fun fair, with 2 bobs jingling in my pocket.
    Oh yes I would buy mum a box of Cadburys each day, as she had those muddy clothes to wash.
    Thinking back now I just hope they went to good homes.

  5. I love the "proper" gypsy way of life – have the honour of knowing a few gypsies where I live!! Thank you for you-tubing this 😊

  6. where did it go wrong as theses are real deceit people as only takes a few to ruin a population just like it does for us.

  7. Jack is a legend. As someone who has tried broadcasting, I can appreciate just what an amazing talent and influencer he was. Jack Hargreaves has been the biggest influence on my new podcast, Fishing Tales. Great to see that you are keeping his legacy alive, Dave!

  8. I wondered as a school boy how one man – Jack – could know so much about everything, I very much enjoyed his programs.

  9. Where I live Travellers camp illegally at car parks, playing fields and parks, and leave piles of rubbish behind when there’re moved on.

  10. i come from a rural background every gypsy camp ive seen leaves a load of rubbish and crap behind for other people to clear up including human waste thanks very much charming people.

  11. I really struggle to reconcile this with my own experience of travellers. Growing up in Appleby gave me experience of crime, abuse, and horrific mess. It seemed a world away from this.

  12. i got gypsy blood in my veins my great great uncle was a violin player in a traveling
    fair and my mums maiden name is fairhurst good a !!

  13. I used to love watching Jack program and before that he was in "HOW" that was another great programme.
    There is also show similar to that Stow one but it's the biggest in the UK at Appleby in Cumbria and there is thousands of them descend on the town and the shows on for a week. They bath their horses in the river and gallop them up the main street.

  14. Think they should do re runs of Jack Hargreaves late on a Sunday morning.Everyone watched it before Sunday dinner.Such a lovely programme.I especially loved him going fishing.As a girl I often went with dad.Nowadays kids just sit glued to the telly,mobile texting,non communitive,apart from the odd I'm hungry,order pizza',..I hanker after the old days,growing up in the East End of London.

  15. Had the pleasure of knowing Herbie Gumble for awhile now. What a lovely man with a million stories & genuine kindness & warmth to him. Times I've been invited into his & "Aunt Silv's" beautiful house to see pictures of Herbs family & old days with his dear old mum in the painted caravan. These were the REAL gypsies & I feel privileged to have met one of what might now be a dying breed.

  16. I understand the comments and if we're talking current , putting it nicely , that was about as romanticised as you get . Mostly reptilian scumbags now days . We all know it . Though can't say I blame em . England does like to destroy want it can't control . Personally I feel the romany life is true living but then it's in my blood too . A well .

  17. My first job when I left school was maintenance and grass cutter etc on a local caravan and camping site, and a gypsy family would pull in a mother and son, the mother used to tell fortunes and stuff on the local pier. They had money and were polite fantastic people. Always made sure I was okay for food and stuff. I never forget that job and those gypsy's, the first I encountered. Way back in 1997.


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