How Captain America Should Have Returned The Stones


How Captain America Should Have Returned the Stones in Avengers Endgame.

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When writing the Endgame HISHE we had Cap returning the stones as a montage bit, but when the sequence became as long as a normal episode we had to table it. After the HISHE launched there were many many requests for a returning the stones short. So we put the video back into production and took it with us to San Diego Comic Con to premiere at our panel. Please enjoy one more Endgame Short (maybe our last endgame short.. for a while… we will see. Daniel still wants to make all the ideas on our list but we gotta get to Spider-Man DANIEL!!!)

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  1. 3:08

    When Steve returns to Peggy…

    Peggy: "Steve!?"

    Steve: "hey im back, from like 75 years"

    If I'm wrong, then please correct me on the amount of years Steve has been gone from Peggy if.

    Side Note: If Steve returned the soul stone, then wouldn't Natasha come back to life?

  2. What is up with people getting away with the shield and

    Whoop whoop whoop whoop whoop

    Because I love it and want more of it

  3. At the end of the movie that’s exactly what I thought, cause when he looked in the box and all the stones were just sitting there.

  4. Current timeline Captain America now Living the life Of Past One so What about that past Captain America Still stuck in The Ice??? So Now Current timeline marvel shield or avengers can Find that Captain America who Stuck in ICE and Make Him Our Young captain America Right??? My English is not good i hope you all understand

  5. "Is there anything I need to know or take with me on this mission FROM HADES??" HAHA
    "RED SKULL? Son of a …LANGUAGE!"

  6. Odin : whoever is worthy to weild mjolnir shall possess the power of Thor
    Cap : hits star lord on the head with mjolnir

  7. I think that Natasha should still be alive because when Steve returned the soul stone he should’ve gotten her back because it’s a “soul for a soul” idk that’s just my thoughts lol

  8. 'Mission from Hades' … Absolutely perfect motivation. And, yes, we all know about the Fox Disney merger. Hope it goes great!

  9. When cap took his shield from deadpool it was the exact same lines from winter soldier

    Cap : Gasp GIVE IT


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