Halo 5: Ender's Game Recreated in Forge by Aurelien-131


The famous “battle room,” as recreated in Halo 5. Thanks to Aurelien-131 for sharing the video!

You can check out the original Reddit post by Aurelien-131 here.

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  1. You mean halo 5 map inspired by enders games zero gravity test course. Even tough it accounts for the bulk of the movies and books action this is not what is meant by enders game nor is this a recreation of the training game which is basically like a ball game where every player is the ball, at least, also there is the freezing of bodyparts. This is just a more or less regular halo 5 map with low gravity. I say all this because I think the zero g training in enders game would make a cool game in it self. Maybe.

  2. They did a good job with Halo 5's forge. Sad that I can't say the same when it comes to the multiplayer arena and single player.

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  4. I bet none of you ever heard of SHATTERED HORIZON for PC on steam for about seven years now right….. reply if you have… it's the best shooter ever!!! but got very little push and came out in dx10 minimum so only a person with higher end hardware could play and that weeded out the suckas and children!

  5. There are to many good and better shooters out there for people to say halo 5 is the best shooter for people who say that please say in your opinion cause there is actually and factually more people on cod and battlefield and csgo than in halo 5 to me the best halo multiplayer was halo 2 after that they've all been great halo 5 wasn't that good of a game story wise after that i feel like odst did a better job at multiplayer than halo 5 and thats my opinion I respect all others but don't say things like its all facts halo 5 is not the best shooter


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