Forza Horizon 4 DRIVING LIKE A BOSS!! 1876HP RTR Mustang


No Commentary… No Crazy Editing… No Unnecessary Messing About… No Wasting Time… No Nonsense!!
Just me with a 1876HP RTR Mustang – DRIVING LIKE A BOSS!!!
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Are you on PC or Xbox One? – Xbox One.
Do you use a Controller or Wheel? – Xbox Elite Controller.
What nationality are you and where are you from? – England, North Yorkshire.
What do you use to record videos? – Elgato Capture Card HD60.
What do you use to edit your video? – Filmora 9 / PowerDirector Ultra
What do you use to create Thumbnails? – Free Website –
How long have you been playing Forza? – 8 Years but competitively for 2 Years.
Are you really addicted to Biscuits? – HOLY MOTHER OF GOD YES!!!!!
What’s your dream car? – Toyota GT86 with my Intro livery on it.
What do you drive now? – A Dyslexic yet very magical Dolphin called Jeff Jr.
Do you work for Playground Games/Turn 10? – No but I really want to.
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  1. Forza Horizon is so amazing game, but i hate the sounds, when i have to drive a mustang i want the sound of mustang, not this shitty sound, and the other sounds too 😐

  2. What you don’t know is that he spent over 14K to do that shit, he has a full car set up where you buy a steering wheel, 3 pedals, and some other stuff like computer and all that, and you connect it all, you think anybody could actually do that on controller or pc? Hell naw lol but seriously I think money well spent, but I’ll let him decide

  3. Hey Don, I found your video in this guy's facebook page. Maybe you wanna check it out…

  4. Everyone saying hes insane but he just plays with controller, not wheel and pedals.. its so so so much easier on controller. And im not saying hes bad at all!


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