Every 90s Commercial Ever (Uncensored)

Liquid Slam’s ad campaign for their “Big Game” line of snacks and sugary beverages was pulled almost immediately.

Check out the Behind the Scenes!:

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Directed by – Dez Dolly (@dezdolly)
Executive Producers for RocketJump – Matt Arnold; Dez Dolly; Ben Waller; Freddie Wong
Writers – Matt Arnold; Will Campos; Dez Dolly
Producer – Ashim Ahuja
Director of Photography – Jon Salmon
Editor – Joey Scoma
Original Music – Maxton Waller

Mom — Anais Fairweather
Darius Jackson — Anthony Alabai
Jax — Dylan Williams
Jess — Mikayla Williams
Slade — Hayden Luedde
Brad — D’Arragnan Sloan
Kelly — Anastasia Sloan
Cody — Robert Sloan
Cronenberg Creature — Clinton Jones

1st AD — Jeremy Cohen
1st AC — John Helms
2nd AC — Thomas Jacobeson
DIT — Daniel Hollister
Gaffer — Tony Jou
BB Electrician — Dominic D’astice
Key Grip — Frank Garbutt
BB Grip — Anthony Barrese
Prop Master — Zachary Smith
Art Assistant — Christian Ramirez
Makeup Assistant — Lisa Carr
Wardrobe Stylist — Layne McGovern
Wardrobe Assistant — Millicent Thompson
Seamstress — Regina Amato
Sound Mixer — Chris Howland
Boom Op — Kelly Ambrow
Sound Design — Kevin Senzaki
Makeup Artist — Erika Frank
Behind The Scenes — Nathan Koepp and Lauren Haroutunian
Photography & Social Media — Benji Dolly
Production Accountant — Jamie Lukaszewski

Make-up effects By:
Vincent Guastini Prods Effects & Design Studio
Key Artist and Sculptors — Jeff Farley & Chris Marchwinski
Silicone Animatronics & Painter — Vincent Guastini
Fabrication — Joshua Ballze
Onset Puppeteers — Vincent Guastini and Joshua Ballze

Visual Effects — Playfight

Additional Post Production Services — Alex Reeves; Point of Blue Studios

Big Game Products logos and branding by Dangerbrain — Alfonso Surroca & Sebastian Surroca

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  1. The mom intended for this to happen for sure.

  2. Fun fact they call footballs pig skins because they would use the stomach of the pig to inflate it

  3. This is the infected in dying light

  4. 0:52

    Me: F#ck this s#it I’m out

  5. This is a lie it’s just one ad

  6. More like liquid nightmare

  7. 1:36 Holy shit you even got the chairs we had in the 90s


  9. 0:28 they literally became a T-1000 lmao

  10. Stranger Things season 4 leaked:


  12. This is terrifyingly accurate to 90s marketing in America

  13. Don't mind me, just revisiting after a recent Game Grumps episode…

  14. What da fuq did I just watch

  15. Their physical forms turned into water, after that, their souls haunted their friends and they started puking green stuff.

    What a nice drink.

  16. Back story: The mom has two sets 3 of children. The children playing in the field are her real children, and the three at home were her foster children.

    She acquired a alien desease infested DNA slury from her Area 51 husband. She gave them the pack to sip and kill them. But the plan back fired.

  17. Flame thrower? Hows about a
    R P G?

  18. I wasn't expecting this … seriously I shit in my pants

  19. The weirdest thing about this video is that I have the exact same kitchen chairs

  20. This is not what I expecting I thought it was a clickbait video where it said uncensored😰

  21. I'm here because of the Sinister 2 Kill Count

  22. That legitimately scared me

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