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This ESL game is perfect for those days when you can just tell it’s going to take your ESL / EFL class a little longer than normal to get going.
Rather than forcing the matter, I’ve discovered that an Alphabet Jumble is a great way to ease your class into learning.

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  1. I've done something similar. If my students are learning school objects. I give them the words printed in a sheet of paper. This sheet is divided in small squares. There's one letter in each square. The letters are cutting out and spread on their desks. Then I start saying objects aloud and the students put the letters in order to match them with the word they have heard. You can use the same letters to review others words the students have learned in previews lessons. It's a good idea to say a few words first and then ask a student to play the teacher role. you can switch the student every three words.You can also practice spelling.

  2. What is your favourite game? Let us know in the comments and if you think we should make a video for it.


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