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Baton Simulations are classroom based competitive business games, played in live SAP. They are a compelling way to inspire your SAP users to harness the worlds leading ERP in their day to day work. This team event not only demystifies SAP but also generates tremendous motivation in SAP Users, Executives and Project Teams. Baton Simulation is a faster than real-time corporate business simulation. Participants, in teams, are challenged with running a make to stock company in a competitive market, entirely through SAP. Between 10 and 40 participants embark on a single or multi-day journey to succeed in the challenging simulated market. Unlike many business simulations Baton Simulations is live. Participants see sales occur in faster than real-time and must become adept at interpreting reports as well executing their business decisions using transactions in SAP. A one day simulation typically covers four quarters of simulated business. That represents hundreds of transactions and dozens of reports. Through this compressed time model, participants can gain an impressive understanding of the end to end nature of the SAP system.



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