Ender's Game – Trailer #1


The first trailer for Ender’s Game starring Harrison Ford and Asa Butterfield, Ben Kingsley and Hailee Steinfeld. Check out the Battle Room! Subscribe

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  1. In the book the fleets are en-route, but they travels at relativistic speeds, so while they can communicate with the fleet in real time (I forget how) the first fleet, sent to the aliens home-world won't arrive until near the end of the war (they're slower than the newer ships, but have a head start). The last battles of the war will be fought with an old fleet vs the newest alien tech, so whoever is coordinating the fleet has to be a tactical genius to even out the discrepancy.

  2. they do take the fight to them, I think part of the reason that they take kids is because they are can be crafted into what ever they want.

  3. Reading the book kind of answers your question. I would recommend doing so. You may find tangents between your thinking and Card's 🙂

  4. Like Harrison Ford said, the enemies know all of their strategies. Kids like Ender are more imaginative, creative, and unpredictable.

  5. Slajonko mastery or what ever the heck your name is, they tried that and well that didn't work nearly got the world killed by the buggers. So ender is their only hope. And I can't wait to see who is Peter cause I wanna scream at his face in the cinema

  6. The book is amazing but its very introspective. You spend a lot of time hearing enders thought process.. Dont think it will translate into a good movie

  7. I haven't read the book or anything, but I don't understand why they waste their time training some kids to be tacticians when they could just develop huge amounts of fleets and take the fight to the enemies instead of waiting for them to come and nuke us all to hell..?

  8. I know but nobody wants to be reminded of how they just saw the next to the last scene which ends the movie. The ending of the book was pretty lame however they saved the species in the end and a whole bunch of time dilation stuff.

  9. If they're smart, they'll focus on the novella, which deals with the various school(s) that Ender went through, including the annihilation of the alien homeworld.
    If Hollywood is unwise, it'll transmorgify into a film about child-soldier-slavery-brainwashing-transmorgification and then how evil humanity was to strike back at a horrifying alien threat rather than meekly accept its potential extinction for all the sins it committed.


    The explosion of the planet isn't the ending of the book at all, which is why they're not worried about "spoiling" it. It's the turning point of the film, after which the reader finds out what Ender and the rest of the kids have really been doing… they've actually been fighting the Formics, and not just using simulators. The story isn't about OMG they blew up a planet! It's about how Ender feels when he realizes that he was tricked into eradicating a whole planet and species.

  11. I'm so nervous to see this movie. This book is one of my favorites of all time that I've read multiple times. I hope this movie doesn't suck!

  12. Hmm…maybe it's not the ending?
    Maybe it's just a key scene of the movie, that without context, is just a good trailer shot.
    It technically doesn't spoil anything, it just shows a cool scene.
    Those who have read the book will know what the ending will be.

  13. (Spoiler alert ) What are you talking about? I don't remember any simulation that blows up the bugger-planet. It's only at the end of the book.

  14. Biggest blockbuster hit of the 21st century based on young adult novel??? Have you forgotten about Harry Potter??

  15. Looks very intriguing! I haven't read the book or anything, but the cast in this thing is great! Also, it's cool to actually see Hailee Steinfeld in a movie again.

  16. Even though Twilight is a real piece of shit movie it has become the biggest blockbuster hit of the 21st century based on young adult novel. The Host and Beautiful Creatures are best selling super natural and sci fi novels adapted into movies that are box office flops. If Enders Game fails then any chance of young adult novels turned into movies will be dead.

  17. That only someone who has read the book would know the context of. Thankfully you spoiled it by pointing out that it is the ending of the movie. That it really is not since the book doesn't end there.


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