Ender's Game: Creating a Zero-G Battle Room Effects Exclusive-Design FX-WIRED


A signature sequence in Gavin Hood’s newest film Ender’s Game is the zero-G battle room, a place where the titular character played by Asa Butterfield trains in space. Hoping to create a sense of weightlessness, the filmmakers shot actors in a mix of harnesses and on wires against a greenscreen set.

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Ender’s Game: Creating a Zero-G Battle Room Effects Exclusive-Design FX-WIRED

Starring: Mike Seymour

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  1. อุกาบาตเยอะ…กดดัน..หน้าที่คนชอบคนเก่ง..อิอิ

  2. I bet there will be a movie actually shot in space within 10 years. With reusable rockets, spaceflight is getting cheap enough that it will be possible.
    For maybe $100 million, they could launch several actors into space for a movie.

  3. hello im a rwally big fan -_- '-' Lol:0 :D'_'
    hello i am so tell me how ender does in the next movire i really hope that there is a Ender;s game paret 2 because i really enjoyed the movieso yeah thanks for that movie what i fnd ood is the salamander song its great

  4. I can't believe they had to digitally recreate the body of the actors for the zero-gravity effect! nice job!

  5. Movie is always not as good as the book yet I'm still amazed by this movie, for its visual effects and soundtracks!!!! I love all the characters performance here, esp. Asa…. The timeline was too short and the story of Peter and Valentine had been completely ignored… You might be confused for Ender's decision at the end if ot reading the book…. the feeling would not be very deep

  6. i loved it. was blown away by how good it was, actually, since i loved the book and didn't think it could match up.

  7. Make these looooonger! Such good content but I always feel they're these short little snippets of something longer/more in-depth that we're missing out on


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