Doritos Crash Course Review — (Vs. Earthbound 64) – H4G


Should H4G play Earthbound 64 or Doritos Crash Course for XBox Live?

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  1. even though these comments are a year old they are still fun to read. As if gamers of your caliber would be in possession of a game that desired and be able to go through with not reviewing it. Although we are talkin about Hard4Games

  2. @BetaResearcher hey i know you from before i guess i subscribed to you i think on a beta yuriofwind ura zelda video but im not subscribed anymore

  3. the title makes me want to eat some doritos! plus a doritos commercial just came on in tv…. halleluyah coincidence XD

  4. I just have suscribed to your channel. You guys are amazing! I never tought people have thing like a 64DD. I was sure it was just a proyect, and now Eartbound 64??? Is there an unreleades game you don't have?

  5. Go for it! We get comments like yours constantly. I'm sure you could get something going. But realistically it can't come from us. It'd have to come from the fans of the show.

  6. Trust me me and my friends went all the way to Japan just to get us some games mother 3 for example xD

  7. I now watch my Hard4games on my HDTV through the PS3 youtube app. It's so much more awesome! I highly recommend it!


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