CUPHEAD – BEATING THE BIRD BOSS (Wally Warbles) "Aviary Action" Cuckoo Clock Plane Boss

Cuphead – Beating the bird boss (Wally Warbles) Aviary Action Cuckoo Clock bird Plane Boss! Fandroid plays CupHead a very hard beautiful and colorful cartoon platformer shooter game that was hand drawn and animated by a team of very talented artists! it’s about cuphead and mugman , two brothers who make a deal with the devil and gamble their souls . Is this game the Dark Souls of platformers ???? NO, it’s just a really cool and fun game! It’s just REALLY HARD. Maybe I’ll get really good and speedrun this game someday!

Fandroid is an animated sfm robot who plays games for pc computer game consoles like xbox 360 / one and mobile device and phone app games on youtube! This is a kid friendly family safe gaming channel for all ages!




Hello world! It’s me, Fandroid: The Musical Robot! Fandroid will do let’s plays for all sorts of games; casual, horror, action; Roblox, Hello Neighbor, Minecraft, Tattletail, FNAF, Bendy and the Ink Machine, etc! Don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE, and ring the bell if you always want to stay up to date with the latest upload 🙂 Move over Pewdiepie, jacksepticeye, Markiplier, fgteev, denis, there’s a new droid in town!


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  1. HELLO WORLD! After the video make sure you check out my new CUPHEAD SONG on my music channel! Thank you all so much for watching my gaming videos and listening to my music!

  2. It’s the same amount one and one should I do is want the bomb this one and read my first one first when you come back to it again

  3. Hi when you come back on this video the bombs only do one damage to the person if you keep doing them I think it is one

  4. In memory of Wally Warbles. He will be missed…WELP ONTO THE NEXT BOSS

  5. I HAVE MADE A DISCOVERY that if you put an M insted of W in WARBLES it says MARBLES

  6. Umm fandroid you sayd she when he is a he

  7. 12:18
    Most people: ‘Super Meter”
    Me: “Supper Meter”
    If you watched the video you understand

  8. 12:04 🐔🍴I'm Having Chicken For Dinner🐔🍴


  10. I’m defeat the bird house with 2 player 1is me 2 is my brother

  11. There’s a baby bird inside the house with the big bird

  12. What were you thinking with your voice, it's so annoying

  13. Wally warbles sounds like a amber alert when het turns into a train wistle

  14. My Friend Andre, really loves ur channel, so can u shout him out? his username is AndereDaGiant2158

  15. Make a video of angry birds plz

  16. Feck my ear are bleeding just stopppp

  17. Bird brain had woody the wood pecker XD

  18. Wait he made the song before he played the game

  19. 10:09 the winning play.

  20. The first time you battled this boss you were so close to going to the next stage

  21. Hi i love you❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  22. Boi fandroid I already watched it lol

  23. 🐔🐔🐔🐣🐣🐤🐤

  24. Wally warlbers sun ronge more like he's the edeot and his father is the streagth together they bring nothing

  25. you made some mistakes:
    wally warbles didn't turn into a baby bird, that was his son.
    ok, that was the only thing you got wrong
    also, you were correct about his eggs looking like yoshi's.
    here are some more references i found:
    his son has a design that looks like woody woodpecker's old design.
    in part of the song, "Ride of the Valkyries" can be heard
    that's all i have to say. ——- Your biggest fan: tepig2000 (i used my mom's account but it's okay

  26. “Cuckoo clock plane boss”

  27. I like your video

  28. Grim matchstick, doctor kols robot,Sally stageplay, baroness von bon bon, Hilda berg, rumor Honeybottoms, cagny carnation, and the root pack! Goopy la grand , dijimmi the great, beppy the clown, ribby and crocks, phantom express, cala Maria

  29. Wally Warbles has lost his marbles!

  30. Fandroid im a fan I love your videos

  31. Fandroid I think cuphead is very proud but he has his first friend his name is mugman

  32. Fandroid I think cuphead is very proud but he has his first friend his name is mugman

  33. fandroid i love your game plays sooo much your awsome

  34. The bird brain robot 0:02

  35. I know a trick for the eggs stay at the side and there

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