Crazy Mustang Race! @ Watkins Glen!

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My rig: Fanatec Clubsport V2 w/Porsche 918 RSR Rim. CSR Elite pedals. DSD button box. Thrustmaster TH8 H-pattern shifter w/custom knob. 4play 80/20 rig & triple monitor mount. Pictures:

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  1. Ok – that race was INSANE!! But really Matt. Only 4 wide?? I’m sure you could’ve gone 5 😉😉

  2. Tks Malone for the funniest vid ever.

  3. for as many IRacing races that was one of the best

  4. What is your current iRating, Matt?

  5. dai fai video che sei very cool

  6. Butt clenched for 30 minutes, holy shet.

  7. Did you buy everything or did you get hardware for free from sponsors for having your own youtube channel?

  8. I. FUCKING. DIED. 😀 😀 😀

  9. That 4-wide was amazing!

  10. "We got this Kyle… WE GOT THIS!" That's just GOT to be a ringtone.

  11. Oh. My. God. That was epic. I was jiggeling around in my seat in the office at the pass through the Solstice's….brilliant fun!!

  12. 22:45 the student has become the master Kappa

  13. That Lap 7 4-wide pass was epic!

  14. A dog leg connects it's foot to it's body. I'm surprised you didn't know that…

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