Campbell's Alphabet Dice Game, TDC Games

​​​Watch our product feature video for Campbell’s Alphabet Dice Game.

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  1. It's nice watching old lps videos 🙂

  2. This is how hooch started taking he had alphabet soup

  3. the last one you could have done nanny

  4. I like the sound when the disease hits the table

  5. My last name is Campbell see I'm using my friends account see alana Henriques Campbell told u

  6. When I clicked on the vid I thought it was real soup

  7. I thought it was real soup when I was looking through my videos I was like he's doing a video of soup

  8. I'm your biggest fan. I watch all your vidios .

  9. i love your videos i really like ur longer videos when u do the sets brightens up my day

  10. Try to spell bubble gum boy do you know that song

  11. When you split up the dice, you only gave player one 16 dice instead of 18.

  12. I thought it was real soup LMAO XD

  13. Lol sarcastically witty funny instructions I love it! game looks like a blast going to have to try and find it

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