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Thor has an Alternate HISHE for Avengers Endgame!
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While making How Endgame Should Have Ended we wrote way too many scenes to complete without forcing you to wait even longer. So we broke the skits into two episodes since this sketch felt more like a stand alone episode. The thought was once time travel was introduced you could avoid all the complications of returning the stones if you just sent the man with the one weapon that can best the gauntlet back to the garden and eliminate Thanos before he destroys the stones in the first place. Similar to the way they did the first time just do it sooner. This creates a much easier path to return the stones to any location they want and doesn’t mess with everyone’s timeline… except maybe Starlord…. but this is all his fault anyway so … i mean they could always go grab Gamora out of the past since Nebula is allowed to shoot her past self and there are zero consequences. They basically have the tools to save anyone they feel after Endgame which we show in our first episode. Anyway, hope you enjoy. Thanks for watching you lovely viewer you!

Additional Background Artwork By – Otis Frampton

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  1. Two reasons why it's weird that Loki is at Thanos' funeral.
    1. Loki is dead
    2. Loki is dead because THANOS KILLED HIM

  2. i am thinking of the infinite timelines and infinite avengers going back in time stealing infinity stones, what a mess.

  3. Lol that would make the mission really dangerous because thanos would have all the stones so he can tirn thor to jelly

  4. Should have went to Wakanda
    Thanos: You should've gone for the head
    Future Thor: On your left
    Thanos: looks
    Future Thor: *cuts head off*

  5. Here is the real reason they could not have done this:
    – The movie would be over in 30 minutes or less, and we would not get an epic grand finale, most likely an OK finale.
    Here are the reasons they should have done it:
    – all stones in one location.
    – the Garden is an "empty" planet, meaning the Avengers could go all out.
    – the Gauntlet was 'broken' by the first snap, most likely losing some of its properties.
    – the Snap causes some injuries to those who do it, meaning that after the first Snap, Thanos was not at his peak condition (not taking in account his injury by Thor).
    – they have time to extensively prepare, as it did not matter when they left the present to go back in the past.
    – they could have send all their current heavy hitters (Captain Marvel, Thor, Hulk, Ironman, etc.).
    – they had the element of surprise (similar to how Thor had the element of surprise in Infinity War and how Captain Marvel had the element of surprise at the beginning of Endgame).
    – they would only create one alternative timeline – one were the stones are not destroyed (future with Illuminati????).
    – after restoring their timeline, they could have sent Cap (incognito) back to the alternative timeline, where he would contact the Avengers of that timeline to give them the stones to restore their timeline.


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