How to win risk global domination using Australia turtle strategy. The best risk strategy playing against low ranked players. 6 player fixed cards gameplay on classic risk map. Settings: alliances on, balanced dice blitz rolls, 60 seconds per turn.

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What is Risk?

Risk is a strategy board game of diplomacy, conflict and conquest for two to six players. Players may form and dissolve alliances during the course of the game. The main goal in the standard version is to conquer every territory on the map and in doing so, eliminate the other players.

RISK: Global Domination is based on risk board game. Online risk has never been so much fun! Take the battle online with Global Domination mode. Defend your territories, draft troops, and launch attacks for the ultimate conquest against friends, family, and foes. NOW WITH FULL ONLINE MULTIPLAYER AND MATCHMAKING!

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  1. Really late,
    But you gotta say the noobs were on to something in Australia
    That’s how I won my first game in like 5 turns

  2. I've pointed out how this strategy only works if you're playing dummies before but I just had someone try it in a game with me. The other player and I were duking it out while the orange player just amassed a huge army at the entrance of Australia.

    This person was a master too. So after warning her with "good luck" about 50 times and and unblocking her 300 troop army so she could get in the fight she STILL just sat in Australia collecting cards.

    So I just parked right next to her and did nothing while the other guy took over the world.

    That's why I mean, you try that turtling stuff on anyone with a brain and they're not going to allow it. I'm not going to fight and wear down another player while the third one sits there getting stronger.

    If I see someone turtling next to me I either attack or just let them get completely exposed.

    But yeah, if you're playing novices who don't know anything about the game turtling might be an OK strategy.

  3. I get so annoyed by this cause it’s like I can’t say hey their using this strategy so let’s work together to kill them and then have a fair fight so instead they suicide on me

  4. The "Turtling" strategy doesn't work in the games I play.

    As soon as someone has a few turns of doing this everyone else realises and just does the same thing.

    Do you have any counter to that?

    The games then get very long, boring and not very enjoyable with everyone just 'waiting out' each other.

  5. Honestly, it’s a good strategy, you have continent bonus and you can stack Indonesia to be protected while you build up military, then charge in

  6. I just had a very interesting big finish. I had 4 continents, and 2 more opponents. I channeled them into a bottleneck that resulted in them each having 2 territories. The outer territories each had one guy, and the inner two had an army of 10 guys each. on either side of the bottleneck, i hand armies of 15 guys each. so it was 15 red, 1 orange, 10 orange, 10 yellow, 1 yellow, 15 red. I didn't attack right away, so that i didn't risk crippling my armies, but they couldn't attack due to having one guy in their outer defenses, and their inner defenses being able to only attack each other. naturally, neither player moved their inner forces out, less they risk getting attacked by each other, as combining their cards was the only chance either of them had, and neither wanted to give theirs to the other.

  7. Anybody can win with Australia. Let's see you win against novices when you have to defend 2 or 3 borders. Many times the low rankers will collude with each other to destroy you, just because you are an expert or higher…

  8. I've played against a guy that just sat in the uk and wached the world burn and at the same time had a huge army. When he needed to he moved that army somewhere else like a nomad army and prevented everyone prom getting continents, he aventualy won the game. Is that really a good strategy?

  9. What are you supposed to do, if the opponents are playing very greedy trying to take big continents in early rounds, but don't prevent each other from doing so?

    I was in this situation once slowly building an army in Australia to capture it. One player captured North and South America leaving only 1 unit at each territory and the other players didn't even attack one territory to deny the troop bonus. Instead they only cared about themselves, trying to get big continent bonuses early.
    So I got being in units very fast, even though the other players were playing irrational, greedy and would have been taking it in a "normal" game with intermediate players.

    I'm talking about a low ranked player game.

  10. What are you supposed to do, if other players don't pull out there beginning armies out of the continent, you are clearly trying to capture for some moves, even though you have an alliance with them and they got an own continent already?

    Once somebody broke the alliance with me and got mad, just because I eventually killed his 4 units, to finally get a continent for myself.

    I am talking about low ranked opponents.

  11. Im new to the game and was just wondering what is the best strategy Ex: go for south america or australia


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