Argentina 2 x 1 Nigeria ● 2018 World Cup Extended Goals & Highlights HD

A hungry, tireless team, with no time to waste. Argentina started the game as if they wanted to pay every minute for the previous 180 that they “toured” in Russia. High mark, approach and a lot of intensity. Another team. From Mercado to Messi, mainly through Di Maria and Higuaín, the brothers didn’t let Nigeria breathe, let alone think. It worked.

The first submission, at seven, was a sign of what was ahead. Messi moves and makes room, Banega arms and serves Tagliafico, who kicks out. The entry of the Sevilla midfielder gave dynamism to the passes and freedom for shirt 10. And so the goal came out. At 14, beautiful assistance from Banega, even more beautiful domain from Messi and goal with the right foot. Anyway, disenchanted.

All the superiority of the first half became dramatic for the Argentines in the final stage. Mascherano, who had been at odds with wrong passes, grabbed Balogun in the area at three. Silly penalty converted by Moses. It was Nigeria that advanced with the score. Almost simultaneously, however, the news comes from Rostov: Croatia’s goal.

Argentina attacks as it can. At 35, a cross from the left, Higuaín appears in the area and … loses again. What a fate! Six minutes later, relief. An unlikely hero. Improvised defender, Rojo, who is left-handed, appears in the area to mend the right cross of Mercado. The miracle is in a matter of minutes. That’s the time Perisic needs to make Croatia’s second. Argentina is alive in Russia. Let France come!

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  1. grande diegooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  2. Haganme un cuadro o una escultura de messi subiendose arriba de rojo a💙😭

  3. アルゼンチンがナイジェリアにワールドカップで負ける日は確実に近づいてる

  4. 😍😍💞💞

  5. Casi tuve 5 paros cardíacos dentro de ese estadio….

  6. One of the best match 2018 world cup

  7. That moment when Messi scored that brilliant goals tears came out of my eyes. Its such an emotional moment.

  8. The Nigeria desserved to win

  9. 7:32 Still letting Higuain play while they have Dybala and Aguero lmao

  10. Argentina es el mejor equipo

  11. Fue el papa Francisco jaja , banega el mejor de la cancha

  12. For extreme football you should visit

  13. Messi Is the best😍😘

  14. penal soberbio a lo maradona, sin dejar de mirar al arquero…

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  16. Cristiano, Messi, Neymar
    best skill & Goal…

  17. 3:15 DI MARIA

  18. Jugadores de seleccion argentina para partidos mediocres.y el drogón como siempre dando.lástima.

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  20. Se cansó de meter buenos pases Banega. Por qué siempre rompen las bolas con Biglia los tecnicos?

  21. Yo quiero ver a Messi en 2016. Aunque sea jugando a lo Pirlo, medio tiempo.

  22. I love Messi. how people like Messi?

  23. We, the Messi fans want nothing but him to play the Qatar 2022 world cup.
    We believe he has the power lift the trophy as the trophy would be blessed itself to be in possession of him #LM10 #Messi

  24. nigeria merecia ganar

  25. Maradona un personaje JAJAJAJAJAJA XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD

  26. Win or no win Argentina for life. Leo is the inspiration.

  27. messi will be the new champion world cup for 2022 in Qatar

  28. My best player messi

  29. One day imma go to one of these World Cup matches, the vibe seems crazy

  30. 1:34 check the face expression of the man 😘😘😘

  31. যারা নতুন ইউটিউবার তারা সাড়া দিন

  32. 4:09 maradona peleando para sobrevivir a la palida x,D

  33. Soy yo o al principio dice pu##

  34. Messi will win world cup 2022

  35. The atmosphere gives me goosebumps

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