Animal Mechanicals Full Episodes | Episode 203: Mechana Cuckoo Clock Island


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Meet the Animal Mechanicals: Rex, Unicorn, Komodo, Sasquatch and Mouse. Animal Mechanicals is an action/adventure series for preschoolers that explores fantastic worlds, mythical animals and cool quests. And, best of all, Animal Mechanicals transform! Animal Mechanicals live and play in a place unlike any other: a colorful ‘snap-together-take-apart” world which can also transform, just like them. Things are always popping up, changing shape and most of all presenting challenges to the Animal Mechanicals. In each adventure the Animal Mechanicals get their new mission from Island Owl who displays simple pictogram images on his ‘screen-face’. Each adventure has a variety of small challenges to overcome on the road to “Mission Accomplished.” The challenges vary requiring the Animal Mechanicals to use their wide array of unique transformed “Mechana” abilities. The Animal Mechanicals (and the audience) must decide who should face each challenge.

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