Agario 3D Biggest Cell Ever – Biome 3D – 30K Mass!


This is Agario but in 3D, it’s call Biome3D! First place run with over 30K mass! Make sure to leave a like and share the video!

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Hi! My name is Sterling aka 5tat and this is my #YouTubeGaming channel. I’m the co-creator of EpicMealTime and lifelong gamer. I’m here to have some fun and enjoy the moment. Join me in my adventure and hit subscribe if you like what you see! #LiveLongAndGame


Alan Walker – Fade [NCS Release]

Alan Walker – Force [NCS Release]

Alan Walker

Disfigure – Hollah! [NCS Release]


Ahrix – Nova [NCS Release]

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InnerCut – Anoia


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  1. There is a new game out that is like this also 3d. It's on Steam and its called Slymes. My honest review its not too bad, I met a dev and they were kind too. I'd love to see you do a gameplay video on it! Thanks

  2. 5tat maybe tell the makers of this game to get half of the trees down and the rest can be viruses!!! 😀 Now, who agrees with me?!?!

  3. You will never believe me but I swear my friend made this game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He showed me how he made it, it was a lot of coding.

  4. Nice video, I also make videos it would mean the world to me if you could check out my first video and give it a like and leave a comment thanks👍👍

  5. hello i am the best player of the world ive hit 40k im on at 8;00 my peoples names are nparmy/(name) ive hit 45k 2 times and 37k about 5 times gl and keep trying

  6. i see u are 85% pro u didnt learn everything about this game, for example, when u split, ejected piece is a little bit bigger than the second, so u can eat others easier, and its good to be splitting whole the time. if u learn everything (couse its not everything) u'll be 99% sure u'll get to first. thats why this game made me bored after some time


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