Agario 3D Biggest Cell Ever – Biome 3D – 30K Mass!

This is Agario but in 3D, it’s call Biome3D! First place run with over 30K mass! Make sure to leave a like and share the video!

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Hi! My name is Sterling aka 5tat and this is my #YouTubeGaming channel. I’m the co-creator of EpicMealTime and lifelong gamer. I’m here to have some fun and enjoy the moment. Join me in my adventure and hit subscribe if you like what you see! #LiveLongAndGame


Alan Walker – Fade [NCS Release]

Alan Walker – Force [NCS Release]

Alan Walker

Disfigure – Hollah! [NCS Release]


Ahrix – Nova [NCS Release]

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Music Released by Tasty
InnerCut – Anoia


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  1. If its the biggest score how come when you were small the #1 guy on the leaderboard had 38k

  2. fuck …Sterling. .this stupid fucking music bro?

  3. My best 38k bat u cool guy:-) lol

  4. mine was 25k and my FRIEND WAS 50K NO JOKE

  5. There is a new game out that is like this also 3d. It's on Steam and its called Slymes. My honest review its not too bad, I met a dev and they were kind too. I'd love to see you do a gameplay video on it! Thanks

  6. Pikachu?
    More like Pika screw you

  7. anyone know the second song

  8. it dont let me play its just white screeen

  9. ja miałem miliom masy w biome3d

  10. 5tat maybe tell the makers of this game to get half of the trees down and the rest can be viruses!!! 😀 Now, who agrees with me?!?!

  11. how you reconnect biome 3d

  12. You will never believe me but I swear my friend made this game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He showed me how he made it, it was a lot of coding.

  13. i hold on this 3d mode 42k+

  14. It doesn't work?!?! why the screen turn white when i hit play. im using chrome 🙁 help pls

  15. Nice video, I also make videos it would mean the world to me if you could check out my first video and give it a like and leave a comment thanks👍👍

  16. my new record is 34K

  17. could you go even bigger like 500,000?

  18. how are the trees square on my game they look wired

  19. u can cover a whole tree XD

  20. The game is just auto generated bots.

  21. whats the name of the first song?

  22. hello i am the best player of the world ive hit 40k im on at 8;00 my peoples names are nparmy/(name) ive hit 45k 2 times and 37k about 5 times gl and keep trying

  23. 5tat you're better than this audio man.

  24. as well put the game "quality"?

  25. Yesterday I got 73,568 mass, new biggest cell?


  27. looooooooooooooooooooooooooool

  28. if u want some of music he uses try the FatRat and OMFG

  29. i see u are 85% pro u didnt learn everything about this game, for example, when u split, ejected piece is a little bit bigger than the second, so u can eat others easier, and its good to be splitting whole the time. if u learn everything (couse its not everything) u'll be 99% sure u'll get to first. thats why this game made me bored after some time

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