After the Hunt: RaptoRazor Gutless Field Test on Axis Deer


Bowhunter Dan Pickar hammers an axis deer doe in Hawaii and uses the opportunity to test out the RaptoRazor knife system for the first time. This tool set is intended for quick and comfortable skinning and meat removal.

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  1. শালারা বড় খারাপ সাধারন কিছুর জন্য একটি জিবন নষ্ট করে

  2. Matar a un pobre animalito para enseñar como funcionan sus cuchillos y navajas ,se me hace de lo más vil y repugnante de este vídeo y esta persona .

  3. يا شباب انا كل مبدي اتفرش على فيديو بكتبلي عذران المحتوى مقيد بالفاة العمرية

  4. Очередная ненужная хуйня, одоробло!!!
    Я обычным складным ножиком сделаю эту работу.

  5. You killed a fawn not a adult doe IDIOT! Take the back strap a trash the rest and you call yourself a sportsman…….BS

  6. This is wrong , you can’t kill a creature like that just to make a video . I am sickened of the lack of respect for the deer

  7. I agree Matthew I've gutted a whole deer in bout 20 mins no prob with just a sharp field knife no prob no mess meat in the cooler and good to go I don't what the hell that was but it seemed to be to much work I've seen my dad with a razor knife like the 1 u cut carpet and shit with man I'll tell u what like a chef preparing a meal for 30 precise not a flex just good ole boy skills don't know what this sells for but a big waste of money this is for the novice hunter @ best good luck y'all still be using are trusty ole pocket knifes and the same result


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