8 day Running Water 20'' cuckoo clock by Hones

8 day Running Water 20” cuckoo clock by Hones

CUCKOO CLOCK ELEMENTS: Water runs over the Mill Wheel when the music plays through a solar powered pump – Hand painted figures dance to the music in traditional costume – Official Black Forest clock certified by the VDS – Musicians move from side to side – Real water runs as the mill wheel turns – dancers twirl next to the musicians – Beautiful walnut finish – hand laid shingles – clock peddler – Wooden dial-hands-cuckoo – Cuckoo calls hourly & once per half hour – 8 day cycle – pull weights once per week – Night-time shut-off – Clock body height 19.5 inches – 24.3 pounds including weights – Item #2C8-86200t

Nguồn: https://suamaybomnuoctphcm.com/

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  1. Wow! I bought this clock in the Black Forest just last week! Just 2100 Euro and change.

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