1317 SUPERCHARGED MUSTANG IS CRAZY | Car Mechanic Simulator 2018

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  1. 20:56 so we do lose a little bit of horse power not having those kinda sucks but

  2. Dude you probably have a switch in the cab with you to go from front or back tank like the f150's duel tanks

  3. Hey where can I get a turbo for my Mustang

  4. You should have wide bodied the fron and back not just the back

  5. Gorillaman, here's a quick lesson in tire aspect ratios. The first number is the tread width in mm. The middle number is a percentage of the first number in sidewall height. So a 255/40R20 is 255mm wide, with approximately a sidewall height of 102mm, on a 20" rim. (The R is radial). You can do some quick math to match tire heights when using different tire widths so that they don't turn out looking like this monstrosity.

  6. Do a 57 chevy it's in the workshop

  7. You don't put slicks on the front!! Big in the read small in the front old school drag racing

  8. Money on the mustang #ford power

  9. There is a front widebody kit for the mustang

  10. Look if you can put the hemi v8 B in the challenge an if you can i say the challenge whil be my vote

  11. The rear are smaller than the front tires

  12. How did you access the game files to be able to get dlc cars in the junkyard

  13. Btw offset has to do with the wheel not tires, the numbers for tires are this 255/45/18R – > Tire tread width/tire wall width/wheel size

  14. Great VIDEO 👌 keep up the great work 😎 🇦🇺 I hope you have a great week 😎 PS I will never unsubscribe from you 😎👍

  15. Why don’t you have 1 mill subscribers? I think you should

  16. Put the front tires on the back rins and rear tires on the front rims plus you passes up the body kit and roll bar

  17. Question is the car mechanic simulator with out a year is a new game coming up I try to buy it for xbox one and it say it Will be released on July 14?

  18. There is a front wide body for the fender

  19. It doesn't matter if it's newer it's on the driver

  20. Gorillaman there is front fender with widebody kit

  21. in going to get this game tommorow 🤗🤗🤗

  22. you that there is a front fender widebody kit and livery for the mustang

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